1. Psilonaught

    E63 exhaust modifications without any cutting?

    Hi I'm about to take delivery of a 63 plate e63 estate with 29k on the clock on metallic white. It is on finance so i can't go around chopping bits out of the exhaust... Does anyone know if certain parts of the exhaust can be pulled apart, or is the whole length welded together as one...
  2. flowrider

    SL55 AMG modifications by Youtuber

    Youtuber Tavarish has bought a 2003 SL55 AMG that he is going to modify and attempt to improve the car mechanically and visually whilst also attempting to reduce the SL's overall weight. Might be worth subscribing to his channel but here is the first video.
  3. brucemillar

    Car Modifications lead to the death of two you people.

    This is very sad indeed. Modifications to car 'led to the deaths of two young people' - BBC News
  4. clk320x

    Opinions on aftermarket exhaust modifications

    With months of trying and failing to aquire a CLK55 backbox or quad pipes from a CLK63 I am faced with having to go down the aftermarket route to get my CLK V6 from its measly single pipe exhaust to at least a double or most preferably quad pipes... I see a company called Fast Lane styling...
  5. D

    Modifications to 2014 C Class Coupe

    Hi, New to the forum and Mercedes! I have purchased my first merc. It is a silver 2014 220 CDI Coupe (Premium Plus) and AMG Sport model. I am relatively young so bigger engines were not possible due to insurance. It had a great spec but i am now thinking about small modifications to the...
  6. Druk

    S212 modifications.

    Not that it's like me to modify anything :crazy:...but I got pig-sick of the column gearlever arrangement in the 212. The Man-from-Merc told me it was not possible to do anything about this because it fed directly into the can-bus behind the steering wheel. OH REALLY! :devil::devil: Here's...
  7. dddooommm

    Diesel engine modifications, up keeping & maintenance

    Hi MBCLUB- Looking to modify the engine to get more acceleration performance. Apart from a remap, can anyone recommend modifications to the Diesel engine ? Such as the bypass of exhaust gas recirculation EGS? Possibly larger turbo but rather lower costing part etc. Healthy options...
  8. dddooommm

    Engine modifications w203/ clk w209 / diesel cdi m612

    Hi MBCLUB- Looking to modify the engine to get more acceleration performance. Apart from a remap, can anyone recommend modifications to the Diesel engine ? Such as the bypass of exhaust gas recirculation EGS? Possibly larger turbo but rather lower costing part etc. Engine: Merc...
  9. P

    Early Brabus modifications?

    I recently bought a 1981 500 sec that the seller called a Brabus. The owner inherited the car from his father and besides badly mistreating the car, he's has lost all the paperwork. The only item on the car that says Brabus is the speedometer, which says; BRABUS Autosport. I should add that...
  10. Spazzy

    W210 E55 Exhaust Modifications

    Evening all - I drive a 2001 W210 E55 Estate (S210) and while I love the refinement in the cabin, I'm looking for a little more drama from the exhaust when the engine is under load while maintaining a drone free cabin when cruising. To achieve this, I am looking at removing the centre...
  11. Z

    SL55 exhaust modifications

    Has anyone got a before and after video of an SL55 once centre silencers and secondary cats have been removed? Does anyone sell a kit to replace or is it fabrication only? One of my technicians at work is keen to do it for me and he is very good. He has come back to us after spending 6...
  12. J

    2008 W204 C320 - some modifications

    Evening All, Here are a couple of pictures of my 2008 c320 sport , put a lip spoiler on the boot , had the wheels sprayed powedercoated anthracite , tinted the windows , and put the wheen in from the newer model :) let me know what you think
  13. Deane x

    S500L Modifications and upgrades

    Thought I would start a thread on the mods I have done on my S500L W220 and other mods as I go a long ,,so first I have changed all interior bulbs to blue led, I have changed rear lights from two white stripe lights to 4 white stripe lights ,which IMO gives it a mean look , next is putting on...
  14. 6

    Recommended modifications for my c63

    Hello, I own a 2011 c63 with PP, and I am looking for the best mods to do on it. I have currently got the DMS map on it but any other recommendations would be great! Visual or Engine :thumb: James
  15. M


    I have a 2008 E320 CDI. I have never really bothered too much with diesels before but fell in love with this. I have heard that there and plenty of options with diesels to gain more power. What sort of modifications are best? I've heard DPF and EGR removal can really mess with a mercedes ECU. Am...
  16. O

    W203 (clc220) External Modifications. Images / Ideas

    I've been searching everywhere to find images of the CLC 220 with external modifications. I only want ideas at the minute and would like to see what is available to change / swap / modify. I have a black 59' standard one. I was thinking of painted alloys, C63 grill, tinted lights front and...
  17. U

    C55 Modifications

    Looking at a couple of modifications on the C55. Have recently been chatting to AmD in essex, about having a rolling road season for a before and after mods I am looking to have the air filters changed to PiperCross, Exhaust Resonator Delete and 2nd Cats removed, then Re Map. They say...
  18. geek

    Technical Modifications

    Does anyone know what 'Technical Modifications (01)" or "Technical Modifications (02)" refer to on some 2011 or 2012 E class cars advertised on the Mercedes UK used car site? Also what are the main differences between the sport and Avantgarde E class specs (MY2011\12) Thanks in advance
  19. carat 3.6

    Subtle modifications...

    :eek::eek::eek: vauxhall cavalier custom turbo | eBay
  20. dresho

    My2013 c coupe sports plus modifications

    Just received my my2013 c coupe sports plus few weeks ago - only put a new grill and centre caps on and license plate holder want to do a few more subtle mods including lowering - any suggestions of other things that may work? Please share your pics if you have some
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