1. O

    Modified car insurance

    Hello It's interesting to hear about how people have modified their cars with different engine maps etc. Do you use standard insurance companies or do modified cars usually have to be insured by specialist insurance companies? Thanks
  2. G

    320 CDI Modified wiring

    Hi I bought a 2006 CLK 320 CDI about 2 months ago now. Since i had it it's been very smokey, at first i thought it just needed some decent running to clear it out, but as the weeks went on, various different fuel cleaner additives tried, it became clear it wasn't going away. I took it to a...
  3. P

    Modified Mercedes wanted

    Mercedes Enthusiast magazine is looking to feature interesting modified Mercedes from the period 1990 to 2010. If you own a modified Mercedes from this period and would like your car to feature in the magazine please email a brief description of your car and a picture to [email protected]...
  4. 4

    w211 270 intake manifold modified

    Have mod intake manifold of my w211 270 cdi 2004 .i have removed all flaps inside manifold . What do you think ???
  5. nickjonesn4

    Insurance company for modified car

    Has anyone got any good options. Ours looks expensive
  6. M

    International Modified car show 20th March stonham-barns

    International modified car show next month anyone going
  7. D

    Fogs modified to run as DRL's on my C32

    Well my new LED HB4's and resistors finally turned up and after work I popped the car up on the ramp and swapped them out and they look great. At lunch time today I set about hooking up the wiring to run the fog lights as DRL's it is simple and most of the work has to be done inside the...
  8. kalvin928

    seriously modified E55!!!

    2005 Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 4dr
  9. ringway

    Mercedes e240 gumball rally drift modified military tank.

    Come on, someone on here's gotta buy it! :bannana: LINK.
  10. Grovsie31

    Any advice for trying to to insure a modified C55

    Hi all. Looking to do a quote on Benzedup's old C55, with the mods on it, are there any companies I should be trying? I used sky, chris knott, and Adrian flux in the past with my Type R's, but I always had 1 years NCB on those cars. At the mo im just using compare sites, and there...
  11. dan-mb

    Modified C63 having fun with a bike (video)

    A quick C63 sleeper! :bannana:
  12. 219

    Now , this is a modified car ! And a charming film about the original , albeit in German ( I used to have a 16mm print of this with English commentary ) .
  13. N

    modified w202

    Any mercedes w202 owners out there, I need some inspiration as I am looking for a few body or other mods, I picked the car up about a month ago, so far have given it a full service, changed the rear pads, replaced the standard 15s with a set of vintage 18s, windows are to be tinted on...
  14. G

    modified insurance

    what companies are u guys using admiral dont want to cover a supercharger conversion
  15. Maurauth

    Lovely modified E class on ebay!

    Just spotted this, don't know if anyone else has seen it but surely this guy is a member on here? It's so nicely modified I don't know how you'd get round to doing all that without being on here? Mercedes Benz E CLASS E350 AMG Sport CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 265bhp SE 2dr Auto 2011 | eBay If it...
  16. G

    insurance for modified c63 amgs

    What companies are u guys using for covering modifications ie remap and exhaust
  17. J

    w202 c250 estate 1998 modified

    Well im afraid i really do have to sell the old girl this time for real. since buying her shes had a full re spray, full genuine c43 amg bumbers and side skirts fitted, 2 tone c43 amg interior fitted, custom c43 steering wheel fitted, has been re chipped to 175bhp and has a full stainless...
  18. T

    Modified Cars...

    When I was looking for a CLK and E-Series I noticed there were a lot of cars advertised that have what I would describe as boy racer/drug dealer modifications. Maybe I am just getting old, but I would not even consider looking at cars with blacked out windows, larger than standard wheels, and...
  19. dan-mb

    Worst looking modified SL (R230) for sale

    How could some one do this to their SL :fail Mercedes-Benz SL SL500 2dr Convertible (SL63/SL65 AMG Style Body Kit) MASSIVE SPEC 5.0
  20. nb_racing

    Modified 1969 280S Interested to hear peoples opinions on this. Personally I love it, it's stunning and incredibly well finished. I aspire to build something similar myself. I love the simplicity...
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