1. Gaz-M

    VITO W447- New Van Points, and Some Mods Advice..?

    After buying my new Vito 116 a few months ago Im still loving it. A few minor things Ive noticed though and wondered if any other owners have the same thing... 1: I get a static shock nearly every time I get out the van- very obvious! 2: Whirring noise from brakes if braking hard at...
  2. E

    Lets see your AMG+mods

    Post a picture(s) and some mods you have on your AMG Ill start 2004 E55 AMG (white+pano) 168mm crank eurocharged tune Eurocharged shory headers Heat exchanger 82mm throttle body E63 exhaust (cat+resonator delete) bunch of other small things (getting rid of the vossen cv3 changing to cv7) :)...
  3. Palfrem

    Can any Mods help this potential new member register please?

    Mercedes forums? - Page 1 - Mercedes - PistonHeads Thanks
  4. C

    1998 Mercedes c230k mods

    Hi there I have a s reg Mercedes c230k w202 I am currently looking to mod it, so far I have took the destructors from the engine and fitted k and n other than that it's standard , I no it has an eaton m62 supercharger so what other mods can I do to it I've heard of pulley mods but I'd like to...
  5. Bigrichw

    CLS Mods

    Anyone fitted a splitter and diffuser? I've seen some I like the look of, just wondering if anyone has done this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. mark_le_b

    CL600 BiTurbo Exhaust Mods?

    Anybody had much success with modding CL600 exhaust It's a bit quiet, so wanted something with a bit more tone Is a simple resonator delete an option? Any wise words would be helpful Thanks
  7. nickjonesn4

    Tiny snippet of sound on start up post mods

    More when I find someone to record from outside the car... Asked the missus and her answer was unprintable...
  8. J

    C270 cdi engine mods

    Hi I have a 2003 c270 cdi, I want to get more power out of it I've taken both cats out and removed the backbox so it's straight through, anyone got any decent power out of these?
  9. F

    W205 mods...

    Hi all, First time poster, long time lurker! I am taking delivery of a W205 C200 Petrol AMG line with Premium Plus package in 24 days (and counting!!) in Polar White, and was hoping you guys may be able to help with some mod ideas! I already have a CF rear spoiler lip, Gloss black 3M...
  10. toffee-pie

    Rear camera install - mods

    Guys If i get these 2 items, can i get rear camera functionality on my cl55? also could I put a mp3 player or such onto it ? Really need one of these. Car Rear View Reverse Reversing Camera Kit Backup EU License Number Plate Cam | eBay Mercedes Video Adapter Comand 2.0 CL CLK CE GM ML S...
  11. E

    C220 CDI paint/wrap

    Hey folks, im new to this club, this is my first post! I have recently purchased a 2011 red C220 CDI Bluetec with the pana roof. I am loving it so far. At the moment I only have small subtle mods planned. De-badge the back and the bluetec badge on the side and get the alloys sprayed gloss...
  12. 7om

    CLS55 AMG - IRO 600bhp with a few mods

    Hi, Had my CLS for nearly a year now. It's been good fun and I've enjoyed working on it but it's reached a level where I can't go any further in the passion of engineering and hobby stuff without spending silly money on a Weistec charger etc Black FSH Cream interior 74k miles Headers...
  13. P

    Can I post these up? Mods?

    I have detailed some other Mercedes' over the years which turned out great. They were customers' cars.....can I post them up on here?
  14. S

    Where does everyone buy C63 Mods?

    I'm considering the following but where do you all get them from? Carbon fibre side will extensions Dtm rear spoiler lip Dtm rear diffuser Front splitter Illuminated AMG sills Carbon fibre interior trim (genuine) Carbon fibre seat back shells/or alacantara Gloss black window trims...
  15. M

    E63 W211 handling mods

    Hi all just wondering what you can do to make these beasts handle a bit better??? What works??? Ive seen you can get adjustable ride height links do these work??? Any ideas much appreciated!!! Im new to Mercs and don't really know what I can do to her!!!:thumb:
  16. 7om

    CLS 55 AMG - Exhaust mods finished - Thoughts

    Hi, Just a short post for anyone with a CLS interested in modifying their exhaust and what I learnt from it. I had lots of difficulty making my mind up on which way to go with the exhaust on the CLS. Living in Cornwall, I rarely ever get the chance to see another modified Mercedes, let...
  17. J

    Parrot mki9000 - let the mods begin

    Very early into ownership of my c180k (2 days in fact!), I realised I missed the Bluetooth from my S60. This got me searching for a hands free kit. I didn't want a screen so the mki9000 from Parrot seemed to fit the bill. I found a chap on the bay selling a brand new sealed unit and thought I'd...
  18. jke11y

    E55K exhaust mods; what is the answer?

    Hello, I really think that my E55K is far too quiet. I have had a read around the forum and found a few posts but no definitive answer. I would prefer a bit of a V8 rumble / growl but it needs to still be quiet at 75+mph on cruise for family duties. My bro had an SLK55 n/a and it...
  19. S

    Mods & Finance

    Hi all, I just wanted to get some opinions regarding modifying a car that is on a finance agreement such as PCP. I bought mine on this scheme, as I imagine many have, as quite honestly I didn't have £50k in cash ready to outlay and, with serious head on knowing that I change cars every...
  20. K

    EGR delete and other mods for a w639 vito 115cdi

    As above i am assuming the egr is electronically controlled and therefore would have to be fooled to prevent limp home mode
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