1. KillerHERTZ

    KillerHERTZ's 1999 W202 C240 Sport

    1999 C240 Sport Pretty much everything you can do, to a W202! Modtanica This is my second W202 C-Class, Details of my first (1995 C180) can be found HERE Specifications from new: -M112 2.4litre V6 - 170Bhp -Brilliant silver (metallic) Code 744 -Black Cloth interior 681 -Delivery date: 10.02.99...
  2. R

    Modtanica Help Required

    Hi everyone, the first edition of modtanica achieved more than 100 mods and yet we are strugling to get to 90 this time. Can everyone please check the mods on Modtanica and then add anything that isnt on already. (PLEASE CHECK FIRST TO AVOID REPETITION!) Just as a reminder, comments and...
  3. R

    Modtanica Extra

    Modtanica is well on its way to its former glory. Can I make two requests 1. Can those whose pictures have fallen off repost by editing their thread or getting a moderator to do it. 2. We are still some way off of our 100 Mods mark so can everyone with a different mod post it please. (Different...
  4. R


    A long time ago in a galaxy far away was a project called Modtanica. The Empire destroyed the project in the flame wars, but now Encyclopedia Modtanica is back. If you want to list a mod then add your photo to this thread and number it. I seem to recall be got to over 100 different mods last...
  5. G

    Part Numbers for Modtanica

    Here is my best effort at all the OEM part numbers for the mods listed by everyone. There are some gaps so if you have done the mod, could you please add the part number(s) where applicable. B6-688-0127 - Avantgarde Grill (202) B6 652 8140 - Front mudflaps (202 to 5/97) B6 652 8141-...
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