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    W123 modulator pressure?

    Evening all, Could anyone point me in the right direction for confirmation of the correct pressure for the transmission modulator on a W123 230 CE please? The transmission number is: 123 270 52 01 722 401 02 206723 Many thanks in advance!
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    w124 e300 diesel vacuum modulator

    Does anyone know where its located? I'm refering to the modulator itself and not the pressure adjustment valve on the side of the gearbox. I'm guessing its under the intake manifold somewhere but would like to know for sure before i take it off!
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    Power Command Modulator Removal

    HI ALL can any one tell me how to remove the command modulator which is in the boot offside i need to remove some of the trim around it to gain asses ? SL 500 R230 steve.
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    iPOD install using FM modulator on std head unit (ML shown)

    If you intercept the radio signal into an FM modulator you can inject an iPOD FM output into any head unit. From another forum I saw a way of doing it. I quote the following from the thread ........ I...
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