1. S

    Review of C63 Headers - Moments After Installation

    I finally went through with installing IPE Headers with Sports Cats on my C63 after a few years of stock ownership. I'm totally in tune with the car and a thirst developed for more so I figured "why not". So, the headline you are probably expecting is OMG, must-have mod but, what I'd say to...
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    For those 'I hate cyclist' moments

  3. The _Don

    Driver crashes £1 million Ferrari moments after leaving the dealership in Hungary
  4. Deane x

    Top Gear's greatest moments

    I have had many many great moments with Top gear and S18 Ep6 The Brutus is one of them
  5. T

    One of those moments when you just have to pinch yourself - C43 content

    You know those moments when you just have to pinch yourself? Well that was me last night driving home after collecting this. Some of you might remember i started the below thread as i was pondering the best Merc for a European road trip i'm going on the second week of May...
  6. Nasco12

    The Top Ten Top Gear moments

    Top Gear is gone. Oh they might try to revive it with new presenters but it will be a pale imitation of the, er, revival of the original. When a team is broken up as when Diana Rigg left the Avengers, Jo Grant left Doctor Who or Syd Barrett left Pink Floyd things are never the same again...
  7. markjay

    Yet another one of those 'More Money Than Sense' moments
  8. D

    Idle non-thinking moments

    So the other half sat next to me on the sofa slowly blinks her eyes and says "cup of tea" Excellent idea, so I say "yes please". Apparently I am to make it. Not so good. Tea bag in, kettle on. Grab a tea spoon, enter autopilot. Open Coffee jar, dunk spoon add to the cup...
  9. MarcelKan

    Unfortunate moments

    I just moved to a new neighbourhood few weeks ago. Parked my car in front of my garage without any problem until last friday night some nasty people had vandalised it, they had broke both of the side mirror glasses, driver side wiper arm and sliced both side walls of the front tyres. New set of...
  10. verytalldave

    Magic Movie Moments...........

    Not necessarily an all-time great moment, but something special to YOU. Something you might have found funny or amusing........ I am not really a huge movie buff and dont watch many films......... However there are two films which have scenes in them which hit my spot. One stars Jim Carrey and...
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