1. whitenemesis

    The 1957 Monaco Grand Prix ....

    ..... What a different world it was back then... QXbQFpPrykA
  2. knighterrant

    Hamilton to miss Monaco?
  3. smillion

    Aargh, kerbs in Monaco car parks . :(

    Why do I feel like a learner driver again the minute I'm faced with a French underground car park more suited to a Renault 4 or 2CV, complete with helter skelter entrances and exits with 12" kerbs ....". The CLS did not fair well today and I only have myself to blame for the fact that I now...
  4. Harrythedog

    Monaco GP

    Is this the most boring race in the calendar? There's very little overtaking and once the top cars have gained their position there's very little chance of a change. No wonder Hamilton was miffed as it seems this race is won or lost in qualifying. Great drive from Ricciardo though
  5. grober

    Mercedes wins Monaco Grand Prix.

    Mercedes won The Monaco Grand Prix today amid protests about extra tyre tests with Pirelli. Legitimate protest or "toys out of pram" because you have a faster car than us ? Discuss. ;) Mercedes angry at criticism of its Formula 1 tyre test with Pirelli - F1 news -
  6. grober

    Mercedes 1 and 2 in Monaco practice

    Once more Mercedes are 1 and 2 in practice with Rosberg shading Hamilton. Alonso third. Because Monaco is a circuit where passing is very difficult grid position is perhaps more crucial than most. BBC Sport - Monaco GP: Mercedes Nico Rosberg heads Lewis Hamilton
  7. Smithy53

    Prince Albert Of Monaco Car Collection Up For Auction - + 1983 500 SEC AMG

    Just one regal owner¿ Prince Rainier of Monaco¿s car collection up for auction (and some are at down-to-earth prices) | Mail Online Some fantastic looking cars from yesteryear. Anyone interested in the 1983 500 SEC AMG? Which is expected to fetch £12,000.
  8. G55AMG

    Monaco royalty 500SEC AMG

    Prince Rainier of Monaco's AMG 500SEC, just 8400 kms! AUCTION I know it's not a widebody, but how freakin nice is that. 29 years in the Riviera climate won't have done it much harm :thumb:
  9. ShinyF1

    2011 F1 - Monaco GP

    I will be lucky enough to be heading to the Monaco GP next year. Have been once before in 2005 and had seats in section K2 [exit of tabac corner in the harbour] which was great but considering trying something different. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where else to be for the race...
  10. whitenemesis

    Subterranean Monaco

    Not something normally associated with Monaco, caves! Below, (or is it behind?) the Jardin Exotique are the Observatory Caves. The warmest caves in Europe, 23C and 90% humidity... 300 steps down and 300 slow steps up!! Some fantastic formations The view from the...
  11. whitenemesis

    Monaco - Fuel Prices

    Fill up your Ferrari at €8.00/ltr :D
  12. grober

    Monaco Grand Prix qualifying

    Heads up:- Monaco Grand Prix qualifying on in about 20 mins BBC2 12.10 Formula 1? - The Official F1? Website
  13. tali

    Koenig 600SEC Prince Albert of Monaco

    Mercedes 600 SEC "Koenig". (7.2 litre V12) 520 BHP For Sale (1995) on Car And Classic UK :(
  14. B

    Few snaps of my car at Monaco

    I couple of pics is me and the car I run taken at manaco last week, My driver came 6th and the other driver Oliver Turvey Won from pole (how else do you win at Monaco?).
  15. ckember

    Monaco tickets

    just found these could be a bargain for someone 2 Tickets for Monaco Formula One GP Sector Rocher on eBay, also, Tickets, Tickets Travel (end time 22-May-09 12:35:16 BST)
  16. The Dent Guy

    Me in a 360 spider round Monaco F1 circuit

    Just got back off my hols and wanted to share the best bit with you all, which was on Sunday 13th July :rock: A couple of bits of the circuit are the wrong way for the traffic flow - so you'll notice a slight deviation or two Don't forget to switch your sound on and turn it up...
  17. glojo

    1960's Monaco Grand Prix Sky TV

    For those of us that have both Sky TV and rose tinted glasses:cool: :devil: and perhaps enjoy a different style of Formula 1 racing, then channel 442 is for U :D tonight from 5pm. There are two thirty minute highlights of the 1965 and 69 GP's followed by a resume of Stirling Moss's career...
  18. glojo

    Qualifying at Monaco

    Was Schumacher unlucky to have overcooked it on his last lap in qualifying?
  19. glojo

    Monaco Grand Prix

    What on earth is Peter Hain MP doing 0n the track at the Grand Prix. Okay, he has been a fan since a child, but he is the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. 10 pence of my hard earnt money says he is on a 'freebie'. Far be it for me to suggest this but 'freebies' are given for a reason...
  20. kikkthecat

    Monaco car show

    Wish I was going to this Car Show Starts tomorrow for 4 days Looks like you cant display a car unless it costs a fortune or does more than 200 MPH. The Ferraris and Aston Martins look very ordinary compared to some of the stuff on display
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