1. timskemp

    My drive home on Monday - Rain Video!
  2. A

    how to have a bad Easter Monday

    1. buy a car as a run around. 2. make sure the key does not work in the barrel 3. find out it is not the barrel coded to the VIN 4. order a new lock set 5. get lock set 3 weeks later from the stealer's 6. wait for a day when your not busy to fit them, put aside 3 hrs 7. on day go out to car...
  3. mergli

    Newcastle-upon-Tyne this Monday

    If there's anyone in the Newcastle area who fancies an impromptu gtg this Monday (23rd Jan) evening let me know as otherwise I'll be being Billy no mates in the hotel again (I am on first name terms with most of the staff now :crazy: ). Plan would be to meet up, drink beer, eat pizza (or...
  4. Mozzer

    Monday smile

    Just had this sent to me, haven't seen it on here before, but apologies if this is an oldie : "Beer Scam Police today warned all men who frequent clubs and parties to stay cautious when offered drinks by women. Females are using a date rape drug called "beer" to target unsuspecting...
  5. M

    B Class arrives monday

    Well, Our B 200CDI SE arrives on monday and we still have not done anything about either Sat Nav or mobile hands free :( Anybody got any input on this as to which is the best way to go Naturally we should have gone for the factory fit option but thought it a tad expensive when the...
  6. D

    My car on Men and motors Monday 17 Oct.

    If anyone is interested my Jaguar E-Type is to be featured on "The used car roadshow" this Monday at 20:00 Granada men and motors. A friend who has been resorting his car for 15 years was asked bu them to bring his car along, its all together except has no paint (bare metal), no interior trim...
  7. Satch

    Monday morning

    Ah, what can I say. Multiple hassles already so to ease the burden of the day, instant quiz with absolutely nothing for correct answers. Questions What is this vehicle? Why is it unsuitable for unipods? Why would it upset Ken Livingstone?
  8. pammy

    very mini gtg - London Monday 14th feb

    ..and yes I do know what night that is - but work calls :( So we have Maff Tan Racall - poss C249kSport - poss any ideas where would be good - I'll be at the Radisson Kenilworth in Bloomsbury - Great Russell Street?
  9. Sp!ke

    Monday morning funny

    Turn up yer speakers :)
  10. Satch

    Monday misery

    Monday morning and I am trying to tank up but C270cdi is blocking access to diesel pumps. Get out & find driver flapping around at the cash desk having just tanked her car with BP Ultimate petrol. (why, o why, do BP insist on siting all the Ultimate pumps together on the same island with...
  11. A

    a few sillies to brighten monday morning up a little a novel way to cool your beer is it art? loads to read but very funny just type your name in the url - pointless but funny...
  12. Maff

    Booring Bank Holiday Monday...

    Thought that it was time to buy a new set of back tires for the CL :eek: Right click and save as: Download Video 11MB Matt.
  13. M

    BAR on Monday !

    I have been forced into attending British American Racing tomorrow to sort out a Cisco problem they are having <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'> Anyone know how I can get one of these Honda engines 1. into my...
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