1. M

    Reverse Camera + Monitor Reverse Light Tap

    Hi Guys, This may be a long shot but hoping for some feedback for a 2005 C-Class Estate. The plan is to install a reverse camera near the License plate and a complimentary monitor on the rear headliner section so that it is in direct view in the rear view mirror when reversing and this also...
  2. G

    Fo sale: Rear cam 4.3" Monitor

    I bought this monitor a while ago, with a view to fix to either OCP / headlining or top of the dash, however it just didn't look right, plus I already have a fixed stand Garmin satnav on my dashboard ... Anyway - new, never used/installed in a car, boxed. Tested, so the protective film was...
  3. CowleyStJames

    ESP Inoperative and Tyre Pressure Monitor fault

    Had the above error come up driving back from North Wales today. Also seemed reluctant to accelerate. Pulled over and turned off ignition. Restarted and all okay for rest of trip(about 70 miles) Plugged in i980 and no fault codes, no messages. All seems ok. Any thoughts guys?
  4. brucemillar

    Bloodless Glucose Monitor

    Folks Has anybody out there tried or is using a "Bloodless Glucose Monitor"? There seems to be a fairly complex mix of these appearing on the market making a choice difficult. I am looking for something that has some good analytics & intelligence built in to give an early warning. The best...
  5. MOR8A

    Valve replaceable without tyre pressure monitor replacement?

    Does anyone know if just the valve can be replaced or does the TPM also have to be replaced if the valve is leaking?
  6. kap02

    Home Cinema 5.1 speaker system (Monitor Audio)

    Unfortnatley I am selling my mint condition 5.1 home cinema speaker system, it has been owned for 2 years with very little use. As my son is now starting to crawl, he has already set his sights on destroying the speakers ! Before this happens I am looking to replace them with a wall...
  7. M

    Tyre Pressure Monitor Help

    My tyre valve broke of my car on Sunday so got it replaced. Before I gave it to the mechanic to replace it was showing all the tyre pressure levels for all for tyres, really low for the one where the valve had broken because air had come out when trying to fill pressure (it was dark). Anyway...
  8. I

    For Sale - Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor

    New VDO TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor). Bought for my CLS55 but fits a wide range of MB models. Part Numbers: MERCEDES-BENZ 002 540 48 17 MERCEDES-BENZ 002 540 67 17 MERCEDES-BENZ A002 540 48 17 MERCEDES-BENZ A002 540 67 17 VDO S180014730Z HELLA 6PU 009 110-111...
  9. T

    Monitor tightening or removal - W220

    Good evening everyone, I am trying to repair the rear monitor of my after facelift W220. It is situated in the middle and has a stand/holder with it. Actually, the holder is very loose. So, the monitor keeps on falling every time. Does anyone knows how to tighten the holder? Or I was...
  10. Azim

    centre console back monitor part number

    hi, i am looking for the part number of the monitor which goes in the centre console of the w211 for the passengers at the back. can anyone help? thanks in advance.
  11. P

    s class rear tv monitor

    Just fitted rear tv monitor between seats on centre console (MB part) does anyone know if the wiring loom would be there, if not where would i purchase it, it has two plugs to the moinitor, any help would be great
  12. Druk

    New monitor

    How to choose one please? :dk: 20" would be fine. What has 'resolution' got to do with what, and LED or LCD? PC monitors Buy online | Currys .
  13. jumperjohn

    Which TPM (tyre pressure monitor) System?

    Hello. I have an 07 facelift S211 E estate. I was wondering if any of you smart guys can guide me. I maybe looking to buy a set of summer wheels but not if I have to buy a set of TPM for each wheel. Is the pressure monitor controlled by the ABS sensor or via a valve? If the former can I...
  14. Beetnik

    Advice please: TV vs Monitor

    In my den I have no TV. I do have a laptop with a TV tuner which I use for watching the odd programme or two. I got an XBox360 for Christmas and want to get a new 'screen' at around 27" for (in order of importance): 1. Gaming 2. TV 3. Extra monitor for laptop I've spotted a good deal...
  15. D

    WANTED: Large CRT computer monitor please.

    As title please. After a 20" or larger CRT monitor for the pooter. Can't find one locally for love nor money, well nothing in decent condition anyways. Modern flat screen no good for what I have in mind, has to be the older CRT type please. Located near J10 of M42 - Tamworth, Nuneaton, Coventry...
  16. W

    Waeco M50u low battery monitor instructions

    I've got a Waeco coolpower M50U Low battery monitor and I can't get it working. And I can't find the instructions. When I plug it in to the cigar lighter, the LED flashes all the time, but it delivers no power to the appliance plugged in to it. What do I need to do?:dk:
  17. 1

    Tyre Monitor algorithm Two flats

    Hi New to MB and new to forum so sorry if dumb question. (Have searched but not found answer) I have a 2007 ML320 CDI which uses the ABS sensor to compare rotational speeds and therefore determine variations in rolling radius. However, I ran the right hand tyres over an obstacle in the road...
  18. W

    Recommend a matt screen monitor

    My laptop has a high gloss finish screen, which when using for work shows a lot of reflections. So when at work I'd like to plug it in to a matt screen monitor of about 23" size. When searching online for monitors I've yet to find a website where you can filter by gloss/matt finish (screen...
  19. kusanku

    Antivirus monitor

    After being virus free for some time, I have been infected by two trojans in quick sucession. The first was System Tool, which I removed by using a programme called Malwarebytes. Now I have been infected with something called Antivirus Monitor, which I cannot seem to get rid of. This one also...
  20. BTB 500

    PC to monitor - use DVI or HDMI cable?

    Is there any preference between DVI and HDMI when connecting a monitor? My new PC has both as outputs, and the monitor has both as input types (and VGA). Monitor came with a VGA lead plus DVI adapter, which works but is obviously not ideal! Going to pop out at lunchtime to get a new lead...
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