1. brucemillar

    Continual Blood Glucose Monitoring?

    Folks I appreciate that some may not feel comfortable discussing on an open forum so please feel free to PM me if you can assist. My Cancer surgery (transchiatal oesophagectomy) left me with 'hypoglycemia. I am not diabetic but the Hypo's are really no different to those that diabetic may...
  2. Mrhanky

    Steel-mate Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit for android

    Steelmate | TP-8886 DIY Tyre Pressure Monitoring System For Android As above bought two weeks old ago as a present for my father. However, he doesn't like the android thing so have brought him the simpler version. It comes boxed with all the parts included and was only put on his car...
  3. E

    '04 E class Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    My '04 E55 estate is fitted with TPMS. It doesn't work, partly because there is only a sensor/transmitter on one wheel; the other three wheels have ordinary rubber valves fitted. HOWEVER... There are two possible types of system which could be fitted to the car, and even Terry at Wayne Gates...
  4. B

    2000 sprinter 313cdi non start fuel rail monitoring maximum pressure exceeded

    Hi there im new to the Forum and looking for a Bit of help As above I have a 2000 Sprinter 313cdi It will Start Run for 2 seconds then cut out Code coming up as rail pressure monitoring Maximum pressure Exceeded .I have checked o rings on solenoid on rail And replaced filter. The EDC...
  5. Palfrem

    LG TVs monitoring viewing habits

    BBC News - LG investigates Smart TV 'unauthorised spying' claim Anyone else find this disgraceful? The DP Registrar should fine them 100% of UK turnover for last 5 years. I wonder who else is using this ability on our equipment
  6. Palfrem

    Remote tyre pressure monitoring via sat-nav This looks clever. How does it work? I wonder what they mean when they say "(not intended for automotive use)"
  7. developer

    M6/M74 Speed Monitoring

    Tomorrow I'll be travelling up the M6 and M74 to Lockerbie (ish). Does anyone know what the latest (and very commendable) road safety speed monitoring methods are, just in case my Distronic fails, and I find myself inexplicably travelling over the justifiably correct 70mph. I'm particularly...
  8. D-18

    W211 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    As part of my weekly maintenance schedule, I usually check tyre pressures. Today, one the rears was down to 25psi (from the 32psi I normally use). Suspecting a slow puncture I jacked up the car and had a quick look. Sure enough, a screwnail was embedded in the tread. The TPMS hadn't given any...
  9. R

    C63 Tyre Pressure monitoring

    Does anyone know how this works and at what psi does it trigger a warning? I was wondering if it's better to check with a manual pressure gague on a regular basis rather than rely on the gizmo? Anyone who mentions 600psi will get a lump of coal from santa this year ;)
  10. markjay

    Aftermarket Tyre Pressure Monitoring question

    Are these two the same? Tyrepal TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING TPMS CAR TireMoni 60 PSI | eBay :confused:
  11. J

    Monitoring your Electric usage -

    For those conscious about costs (I know there are a few on here that are keen mpg watchers! ;) ) I came across this device/website that monitors your electric usage and is pretty impressive. Ive been wanting an electric monitor device for some time but the ones you get from home base etc just...
  12. Chattonmill

    Tyre pressure monitoring valve

    Having destroyed an alloy somehow, I need a Tyre pressure monitoring valve for an S211 E55. If by any chance any has one I would be moct interested. Thanks Max
  13. stevesey

    M4 J17 Traffic monitoring or different speed camera?

    Anyone else pass under the white van on the bridge near J17 - last night and tonight? Not your usual Wiltshire camera van - those are smaler and only operate between about 9:30am and 4:30pm - never seem to be around in the rush hour. Anyway this was a full size transit, no markings other...
  14. trando

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    Hi all - I have checked the previous threads on this but wanted to get an idea if other users here with cars fitted with TPM still check their tyre pressures manually. Am I relying too much on the TPM system to tell me if my tyres need air?
  15. M

    Interior Monitoring

    Got a dog for a week and wondered how to turn off the interior sonics so we can still lock the car and his movement not to set it off - Car is a W163
  16. A

    G Tech performance monitoring device?

    Hello Any one used or recommend these? Reason I ask if for our track car and when we change settings we could see if this has any actual effect? Thanks
  17. R

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

    I've just put some new wheels and tyres on my car which are fitted with MB pressure monitoring valves. Does anyone know how to get the car to recognise that they are there and to start using them? The car handbook describes how to check pressures using these devices so I assume...
  18. R

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring Works!

    You might remember that Steve activated Tyre Pressure monitoring in my cars cluster a little while ago. Well this morning it worked! I stopped and couldn't see a problem but on checking I found that one of the tyres had a slow puncture and was 7lb below the other three tyres. Good mod!:D
  19. C

    W211 E350 no electronic oil level monitoring

    I note that the new 350 engine doesn't have electronic oil level monitoring, at least not on my E350, whereas the 320 used to. anyone have any ideas why this might be? cheers, c.
  20. C

    Keyless Go, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, etc, etc; worth it?

    Just mulling over options - nice position to be in of course - and looking at these two items. They sound nice, but seem to cost the earth for the relative convenience... Anyone here with strong feelings as to whether they're options worth having? Any other non-obvious options I ought to...
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