1. ab9758

    W164 ML63 Rear monitors "TV Error" and nothing else

    Settling in with my recently bought 2007 ML63 and world apart from my old ML55. Frustration is that for 2 weeks the kid's rear headrest installed monitors happily played TV (I choose the channel on the dashboard Comand). Then suddenly both monitors stopped and display "TV Error". Don't think...
  2. Tim203

    Help on Bamboo pens or Ugee monitors or similar.

    Can anyone recommend one of these devices where I can record my ideas/ sketches digitally. I need something quite fine and not like an 'Etch-a-sketch'( for those who remember!) Any advice gratefully received . Tim.
  3. Jim55

    Let me see ur monitors

    For a camera , I'm fitting a standalone monitor so it's not built in to dash command , any ideas or pics where to put it , at present I'm thinking bottom right corner of windscreen or right below the mirror , anybody any suggestions ( helpful ones lol
  4. effbee584

    Wheel change Tyre Pressure Monitors?

    My car has the system that shows the actual tyre pressure, so imagine there is something on/in each wheel that transmits to the car. If I fit different wheels, (eg smaller wheels with winter tyres) I assume the Tyre Pressure Monitors are not transferrable, and I would be left with a non-working...
  5. Gareth

    2 x 20" Samsung Monitors Excellent Condition

    2 x 20" Samsung 206BW monitors, excellent condition, only selling due to an uprade to 27". The 1st one is in perfect condition £50 The 2nd one has 1 dead pixel, but it has been like this since new and has never bothered me, however I'll take £45 for this one. If buying the pair they can...
  6. neilz

    Misc computing things inc monitors, computers

    HP Laserjet 6L. Paper jamming issue. £15 with 2 spare toners (part used) Viewsonic PT813 21" CRT monitor. Has BNC sockets on back for security camera as well as standard socket to connect it to a computer. Can display at HUGE resolutons. £Offers Sony TV/VCR - 15" (?) CRT. Can measure on...
  7. Whitey

    Bose Music Monitors

    Hi there Does anyone own a set of Bose Music Monitors (PC speakers). I've had a demo and they are awesome, but not sure what they'd be like long term. Thanks Chris
  8. L

    Tyre pressure monitors

    I've read that I can activate this on my instrument cluster. But when I went into my local specialist today, he said I couldn't do it on my car. Can someone help me, do I have this on the car or not?? (57 w203)
  9. simon1966

    Tyre Pressure Monitors on my E55 - How to deactivate?

    Hi All, Just changed the wheels on my 2004 E55 Estate to AMG Style III's. My other wheels (turbines) had TPMS fitted but I didn't swap them over when I changed the wheels, mainly because I think a couple of them were on their last legs (I think so anyway, as kept getting intermittent messages...
  10. Ian B Walker

    BlueH monitors

    I have a BlueH monitor that is failing and as its still in warranty I would like to change it. But can I find the phone number for their tech support, no. Can anyone here help?
  11. dvb247

    Tyre Pressure monitors - How do they work?

    I have gained much notoriety on this site for my Rimstock wheel refurb tale of woe and the members wonderful support along the way, now I finally have my rims back I need to understand how the tyre preasure monitors work, the reason for this question was that when I removed my wheels some 5...
  12. S

    Headrest monitors

    Hi All, Can anyone help? I have a mercedes B Class (57 Plate) and have just bought some Alpine 6.5" monitors for the headrests off ebay, only to find out that they wont fit. Can i use another headrest from say C class? Or has anyone have an alternative solution. Many Thanks Saul.
  13. lucky

    Tyre pressure monitors - advice please!

    Just ordered facelifted W221 with few options, one of which was the tyre pressure monitoring system. No particular reason behind it other than it sounded cool to have it and to be able to monitor your tyre pressure at the flick of a switch. Don't really know how reliable these new systems are...
  14. jonnyboy

    headrest dvd tv monitors etc

    Hi all Anyone recently installed those aftermarket headrests with the adjustable poles and built in tv dvds ? There are millions on ebay and I'd like to quickly whip some in the Q7 we're buying, dont want to go down the velcro-attached removeable type. Just looking for a recommendation really.
  15. H

    Replacing tyres - pressure monitors?

    Hi I can't put it off any longer - I need a new set of rear tyres. My car is a CLS55 AMG fitted with tyre pressure monitors. Does this mean that I need to purchase the tyres from the main dealers or will the local kwik fit be able to fit the tyres without affecting the monitors? :dk: I'm...
  16. Chattonmill

    Tyre pressure monitors

    One of the tyre pressure monitors on my E55 has snapped at the top. The system seem to comprise of two bits, the bit that attaches to the wheel on the inside, then the bit that has a rounded bottom that sit in there and houses the valve. The bit that has snapped is the thread where the cap goes...
  17. mercmanuk

    3 monitors connected to 1 tower

    need advise from the computer guys. ive a tower and monitor in my office,ive 1td of films and music that i want to send to my lounge and bedroom plasma tv's.if i get a wireless keyboard my idea was i can watch films on either tv. its easy to get cables from the office to either tv but what is...
  18. U

    FS. Alpine TME - M760 Wide screen Monitors X2

    currently on ebay maybe of interest to someone. Any Q's PM me.
  19. gbjeppm

    Monitors and DVI inputs

    Hi All I have had a good search around the web, but have not found anything so I thought I would ask here. I bought a new LG 22inch monitor recently, to replace my Sony 14inch TFT. Then I decided that as my graphics card ATI Radeon 9200 has a DVI and VGA out, I should be able to have a 2...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Changing orientation of mulitple monitors?

    Im currently using an Acer laptop linked to an external monitor & USB keyboard, Im basically using it as a desktop PC. The laptop screen can be flipped around so that its bascially a montior with the keyboard hidden away. As the laptop screen itself is not used as the primary screen, I would...
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