1. AshC63

    Jaffa monkey cat rat!

    What is it with these adverts ? If I sat down after a long hard day with me huge Coffee mug in front of the tele & opened up a pack of biscuits & this Gremlin thing popped out :eek: I'd be smacking the cr@p out of it with me 42" plasma whilst hanging off the ceiling! I mean One of the...
  2. cinek

    I want a...trunk monkey

  3. Gareth

    W210 - Monkey Business

    BBC News - Longleat's monkeys given their own car lol
  4. C -cheeky monkey so&sos!

    Saw their advert of ITV last night and so looked on their site ( we are chopping out the wifes Zafira shortly so wanted an idea of current trade in values) and out of curiosity I put in the details of my lovely E55, and the cheeky sods valued it at £3080! Good job Im not thinking of selling...
  5. E

    Star badge - monkey abuse

    Hi, I was thinking of taking the kids to Longleat Saffari park tomorrow for a day out....what a good idea. Then it occured to me that the evil little monkeys may take a liking to the sticking up star and try to rip it off. Does anyone know how strong the star mechanisum is... or is there any...
  6. R

    Twycross monkey sanctuary

    Took the kids to twycross zoo yesterday as they have, like all kids, a real love of animals. Turned up expecting to find a big variety of animals and all we saw were monkeys and more monkeys, with the odd chimp thrown in for a change. Almost as bad as San Diego zoo which apparently is the...
  7. Satch

    Trunk Monkey

    Been trying to find these for a while. Video clips about half way down page. No 5 is best!
  8. F

    Joke .. monkey business :)

    A guy named Ned walked into a bar with his pet monkey and starts playing pool with a couple of other guys. All the people standing around whatching would talk and play with the monkey. Then Ned had to go pee. So he walked over to the bathroom to do his buisness. When he came back to the pool...
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