1. J

    Wanted: Brabus mono vi reps 18/19

    BRABUS Mono Replicas, more popular on the CLK it seems, 18/19 considered, ET35. Thanks
  2. BillyW124

    Brabus 20inch IV Mono Block alloys with Dunlop Sport Max tyres

    Original Brabus monoblock alloys made by Ronal. Supplied with original Brabus centre caps and correct bolts. (Flanges are different on the bolts to seat correctly on the alloys) Condition as per pics and seen on my CL before I took them off in ad below. No curbing or major scuffs. Straight...
  3. S

    18" Wheels AMG III IV, Brabus Mono Q - poss swap

    Looking for a set of 18" wheels ideally Brabus Monoblock Q or AMG III or IV but will consider others. Have these if interested in p/x:
  4. M

    Mercedes C200 Classic - Mono Wiper failure

    Hello, my first post , i have V reg C200 and it has a couple of issues . One being the monowiper system which work well and sweeps the full length of the windshield but has started parking 2/3 inches too high , any advice would be a big help,
  5. M

    Mono wiper

    hi, My mono wiper will not return to the home position . It initially nearly jammed up completely but then started wiping okay and goes fully down drivers side when in operation but will not return fully when switched off. I have checked the grease in the hub and it seems well greased and as...
  6. Dieselman

    One advantage of a mono wiper.

    Cheaper when it comes to new blades. Citroen XM 16" Comline Flat Rear Retro Wiper Blade Windscreen Flat Upgrade | eBay
  7. D

    18" AMG Mono Block II Wheel Bolt Size ?

    So... some bright lads tried to nick my wheels and seemed to have failed at the point of the locking nuts. No one heard the alarm go off so I suspect they hadn't got to he point of jacking the car up.They decided to take the standard bolts with them leaving each of the 2 locking nuts I have on...
  8. A

    Amg mono block's

    anybody give me a value on these wheels, they are genuine with centre caps that i have not seen before [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
  9. A

    W124 Mono Wiper

    Both my 1994 W124 and my 1990 W124 donor car have exactly the same problem - a slow and sticking windscreen wiper! I have completely dismantled both units and cleaned and lubricated all gearing (back & front) - a slight improvement, but not much. The motor is still driving the unit, albeit very...
  10. B

    VW X AMG Mono's?

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum so hello! Right I have a VW jetta 06" 1.9 TDI which I run 16" toruan wheels I believe tyres are 205/225 - 55 - 16" I have seen some golf estates & jetta running I believe to think are AMG Monoblocks? I would love to run a set on my jetta but not sure if...
  11. DRBC43AMG

    AMG Mono II

    Hi All, I'm going to cross check with the MB dealer here and try and source directly some new Monos in Germany. I have seen them on the sticky thread here, but the price, transport and import duty..... "cough" Does anybody know who manufactured this type of wheel? Ta for any info :thumb:
  12. JonathanC250

    202 C Class With AMG Mono II's

    Hi there, Does anyone else who has these wheels on their C Class have different bolts for the front and back?? I have the staggered ones, so the rears are wider. But my question is why are the bolts for the rears so much shorter than the fronts? Luckily enough, when i bought the wheels...
  13. C

    8J x 18" AMG Mono II - Tyre Stretch

    Guys, I currently have a low (not slammed or stanced;)) W124 coupe running 18" AMG Mono II's. Problem: Currently running 215/35/18 - Nankang NS2's, lovely tyre, fits perfectly but im just not confident driving around with such a thin tyre on the front. I need something slightly meatier...
  14. BillyW124

    1400 quid for the mono's W/0 the SEC!

    1987 MERCEDES-BENZ SEC SERIES 500 SEC FH 2dr Auto Coupe
  15. dave81

    mono wiper problem !!!!!!!

    hi i am new to this forum and also a proud first time owner of a m/b c200 elegance , the only problem im having is the mono wipe mechanism it will work fine , go through all the motions ie intermitent etc .... but when it comes to rest it is sitting 8 inches up the screen in my line of sight ...
  16. dervdoc

    looking bbs r mono blocks, in N.Ireland plz

    looking a set of mono block's or multispoke BBS for my w202. not worried if they need a refurb or are replicas,in northern ireland only plz as wud cost a fortune to ship from mainland
  17. P

    17" AMG C43 Mono Block

    I am looking for original AMG 17" Alloy rims or wheels. If any one knows of 4 for sale, please contact me at the following email address: P. Wiggan
  18. C

    E320 mono wiper

    HELLO .TO ALL. Not posted for a while, car has been great until today, wiper packed up can hear the motor working, and have read posts on how to remove the motor to get at the ball joint, can any one point me in the correct location of some pictures so can see what am up against.. thanks wayne..
  19. N

    BRABUS Mono V

    I am after a new set of wheels and would preferably like to get some Brabus wheels. I recently found these on German e-bay and wondered if anyone would know whether or not they will fit a W209 CLK,if they are genuine and what tyres would I need to fit them? Thanks in advance. Here is the...
  20. J

    Comand 2.5 FM radio mono output

    Since fitting an FM modulator I have noticed that although the Stereo symbol is showing, the radio stations and IPOD output are in mono. I have removed the FM transmittter, and the FM Radio continues to be mono only. CD and cassette player are putting out stereo, so it's not a speaker/amp...
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