1. ngenius1

    Brabus MonoBlock 3 split rims

    Reluctantly for sale. Originally bought from these forums. All are straight and true with no cracks or repairs. Nearly new set of tyres, 265-35-18 & 235-40-10 Falken tyres. they are a staggered setup at the moment, 8.5-9.5 But have a spare set of outer lips to make a square 9.5 set which...
  2. Palmer

    W210 monoblock center caps

    Looking for some new ones for the wheels on my W124. Want the plain silver ones, i think they look best. Got some 75mm from a uk seller on ebay. Cant get them to fit. Is 75 the correct size? Google seems to think so?
  3. BrabusW202

    AMG Monoblock

    Hi, everyone! I'm in need of a single rear 9J 18" monoblock as mine has been damaged. Please let me know on 07514122286. Thank you!
  4. I

    Tyres R129 AMG Monoblock style

    First post, so please be gentle. I've just taken ownership of a 300SL (R129) 1991 Model. Needs a few little things to get it back to it's former glory, bit of paint, bit of upholstery and unfortunately the job of sorting out the wheels. The car came with a set of AMG Monoblock style...
  5. J

    18" AMG Monoblock Black Matt SWAP

    hi guys i recently got my amg alloys refurbished to matt black and honestly kinda regretting it, should of kept the original colour.... the alloys are in very good condition some minor scratches barely noticeable. im looking for a exchange for the same wheels. 18" monoblocks 8j all...
  6. H

    FS: Brabus Monoblock II 18"

    Brabus Monoblock II 18" x 9,5" ET26 5x112 CB: 66,6 Made in 1991. Price: 1000€ Resprayed and lips are lightly brushed. Wheels are running straight, no cracks or welds. Located in Estonia. Shipping worldwide. Contact me:
  7. C

    W210 AMG Monoblock Wheels

    So, the time has almost come to take my Dad's old W210 E320 Avantgarde away from him, as I've found a lovely looking W211 E55 that I want to surprise him with. It's just about a million miles away so I need to travel there this weekend to check it out. All being well and I bring it home, I'll...
  8. Justin1600

    W210 E55 AMG 18" Monoblock Alloy wheel x 1

    Front wheel In need of a Refurb £150
  9. B

    18" AMG Monoblock II Alloys

    18" AMG Mercedes Monoblock II Staggered Alloy Wheels pcd = 5x112 fronts = 8Jx18" ET 31 rears = 9Jx18" ET 35 nice set of genuine Mercedes AMG alloy wheels with centre caps removed from a W210 Estate. the pcd is 5x112 so as well as Mercedes they are the same fitment as 5 stud VAG (for which...
  10. dddooommm

    AMG Mercedes Genuine monoblocks 18" 9.5j alloy wheels tyres

    ★★★Genuine Mercedes AMG Monoblock Alloy Wheels★★★ ---------★ Staggered Set of 4 ★ Two new tyres ★ ---------- For Sale Set of 4, Genuine Mercedes AMG Monoblock 9.5j alloy wheels. Staggered set of rare original alloys in good condition. Pictures: Mercedes Monoblock 18 Genuine AMG...
  11. D

    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Good Evening! I've managed to source a set of the original alloys for my car so the AMG alloys will be available for sale once the refurbishment is complete on the originals. Expect it to be in the next few weeks. There is a chip on one of the rear alloys and one of the front wheels has...
  12. M

    AMG Monoblock x4 18x8.5j/10j et25

    Got a set of monoblocks, they will need to be refurbished however the centre faces are in good condition. selling as they won't fit my car. Looking to trade for a similar set but 18x8.5j/9j et44+ to fit my S204 or offers. can send more photos via email cheers [/URL][/IMG]
  13. J

    Wanted: Brabus mono vi reps 18/19

    BRABUS Mono Replicas, more popular on the CLK it seems, 18/19 considered, ET35. Thanks
  14. J

    SWAP Anyone? 18"AMG Multispoke for Brabus Monoblock?

    I can't post in classifieds being a newbie, but hopefully I'm not breaking rules by asking to p/x or swap a set of staggered 8.5/9.5x18" ET30/33 AMG multispoke (turbines?) for staggered 18" Brabus Monoblock, nobody seems to sell them anymore.
  15. 350_Coupe

    Nice set of Staggered 18" Brabus Monoblock IV's

    looks like a recent refurb, and merc centre caps, with serviceable tyres, i'd be seriously tempted by these if they were closer, if for no other reason than a set of those tyres would cost me almost that for my current brabus wheels 4x 18 INCH MERC ALLOY WHEELS AND TYRES 255/35/Z18/...
  16. M

    Brabus Monoblock iii 20"x9.5"

    I am after a set of the split rim Brabus Monoblock iii wheels. Anything considered. Thanks
  17. K

    Brabus Monoblock Q - How to tell if fake?

    I'm looking at getting a used set of Brabus Monoblock Q for my W221 S Class. They are like the ones in this link. 18" Brabus Monoblock Q wheels in Titanium | Full Face Polished - Alloy Wheels Direct (631639) The wheels have had a poor refurb and I would be stripping them back and having...
  18. L

    Brabus 20" Monoblock type VI 2pc wheels SL600 SL55 K8

    As title. These came spare with a Brabus SL600 that my boss bought a while ago. Rears are 10.5" with 305/25/20 Yokohama Advan close to 7mm Fronts are 9" with 255/30/19 With continental contact 3, one with 6mm the other is new. The wheels look immaculate, just two very small chips in the...
  19. Y

    w211 with old amg monoblock

    hi i have old style amg monoblock 8J x 18 H2 ET31 wheeels just wonder anyone tried those on w211 body i think these are would look great
  20. Bahnstormerrr

    Monoblock 3 wheel on 2005 CLK 220cdi

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice please. My dad has a 2005 CLK 220cdi and wants to change the wheels. The car currently has staggered 17" Mercedes 5 twin spoke wheels (17" Mercedes 5 twin spoke wheels in Titanium Silver - Alloy Wheels Direct (49248)). He's bought a genuine set of...
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