1. MoAMG

    Monthly AMG London Meet

    Is there one already in place? If yes, please share the link. However, if no, would anyone be interested?

    Preston Monthly Supercar Meet

    This Sunday 9am :) 398 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston PR3 5JE
  3. B

    LowCollective German Car Meet Held Monthly: Ipswich

    Morning all We hold a monthly German car meet in Ipswich. It's based at the Orwell Truck Stop, A14, Ipswich, IP10 0DD. It's open to all German vehicles and associated models (eg mini, seat etc) We have a great venue with hot food available as well as a bar. It's held on smooth concrete...
  4. G

    C63 Estate - monthly running report - month 5

    Length of ownership = 5 months Mileage = 2398 miles Miles since last report = 350 miles MPG = 19.8 mpg (18.70 mpg calculated) Faults = Minor buzz from the Instrument Binnacle Well it's been a bit of a quiet one this month. I've only driven 350 miles in the last month, which is pathetic...
  5. G

    C63 Estate - Monthly running report - month 4

    Length of ownership = 4 months Mileage = 2048 MPG = 20.2mpg (18.65mpg calculated) (new) Faults = None So now I'm another month into C63 ownership and thought it time to reflect on a couple of aspects of the car that I've really noticed. Engine braking This car has serious amounts of...
  6. N

    Monthly service package.....good value?

    Just leased E220 cdi sle, and would appreciate advice on the monthly service package Mercedes offers. Good value? Any catches? Nick
  7. G

    C63 Estate - Monthly running report - month 3

    Length of ownership = 3 months Mileage = 1660 MPG = 19.9mpg (18.82mpg calculated) (new) Faults = None Just a short one this month, but not to worry as I've already pre-written a load more for next month's report. This will be bolstered by my experiences with the car going into MB for it's...
  8. G

    C63 Estate - Monthly running report - Month 2

    Length of ownership = 2 months Mileage = 1297 MPG = 20.2mpg (19.11mpg calculated) Faults = Various rattles So I've had the C63 for just over 2 months now, but have only covered a pitiful 1300 miles. I don't use it as my daily driver, and have been away on holiday, but it's still no great...
  9. G

    C63 Estate - Monthly running report

    I thought I'd take the time to start and maintain a monthly running report of my C63. I appreciate it's not of interest to many, but perhaps it may help out the odd person who's looking to make the move to MB or indeed to an AMG. So here goes: Length of ownership = 1 month Mileage = 560...
  10. E

    c63 monthly service plan

    Hi Chaps, I'm looking and getting a new c63 coupe very soon and the dealer told me about a monthly service plan ' £43.00 per month. Want to know what other's thought if it. The car will be on a 3 year contract so i will simply hand it back at the end of the period. Is the anyone newish...
  11. M

    MB Member:Mercedes SL55 Monthly top up.

    Hi Tell a lie, I have cleaned an MB recently. Richard, who is a member here, now has his SL55 kept in tip top shape and has me detail it monthly. So yesterday I went and completed its monthly clean. Just some quick shots and as you can see that after its initial detail, the SL has kept in...
  12. MOR8A

    Monthly Insurance? Does it exist?

    I know you can pay for insurance monthly, but that's not what I'm asking. I want a policy that I can pay for monthly and close it when I have sold the car that is covered on it (without getting shafted) as I have no intention of keeping the car for a year (I'm not talking about the E55k here)...
  13. nick mercedes

    Brooklands monthly GTG January

    Brooklands monthly GTG January 2010 Should the meet be on the last Saturday or Sunday of this month? Assuming that the UK has thawed by then of course. Anyone up for it?
  14. nick mercedes

    Brooklands monthly GTG October

    After the Sept GTG on a Saturday, should the October meet be on the last Saturday or Sunday of this month? Confirmed: SUNDAY 25th October
  15. Spinal

    Monthly Bandwidth

    So, a few days ago I tacked together all my pictures at 800x600 and made some thumbnails and put them online... Since then, I've had daily bandwith usage of 200mb (min) - 750mb(max)... is this normal!? The thumbnails are roughly 1kb each, while the actual images anywhere between 40kb and...
  16. DR1VER

    NW/Cheshire GTG Wednesday 25 May 2011 at The Dog

    Hi This follows on from a previous post, just thought i'd make a new one with all details on. The meet will be on the 1st tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at So the first one will be on the 1st of August. Look forward to seeing you there...
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