1. jonnymerc

    Apple iPhone 7 plus 128 GB with 4 months apple warranty and apple watch

    Selling Apple iPhone 7 plus 128GB gold in mint condition comes with DBRAND white carbon fibre skin ( which can be removed Also navy official apple silicon case has had a screen saver on the front Phone is 8 months old still has apple warranty Looking for 620 ono plus ppm Also a apple watch...
  2. E

    W213 - six months on... mixed feelings

    I have a new shape E-class 220D and have to say it is the best car I have driven in terms or drive dynamics, fuel consumption and driving pleasure, and I am not really much of a driver. Previous cars were the two previous E-class models. But... the secondary controls are nothing short of...
  3. S

    CLS63 owner two months in.

    Realised today that although I've had the car two months now, I'm still going for out for unnecessary journeys at least twice a week! I'm cleaning it religiously every Sunday and basically driving my girlfriend crazy with the amount of time I'm devoting to 'that bloody car':D Only really two...
  4. C

    New member from Surrey on 2nd MB in 3 months!

    Evening all, After owning 3 Imprezas and been fairly active on most of the Subaru forums I thought to get on and share my experiences of owning a Mercedes so far which has been a roller coaster to say the least! Back in November I bought a fantastic 350CDI (60) on 30k from Caterham MB...
  5. B

    4 months old and in the body shop

    So, my Saturday was going quite well. Visiting a friend of the wife's in Worcester, had a walk round a bite to eat and all was ok with the world. Sat down back in her house and I here a loud scraping noise, I look out the window and my car is shaking. I get up just in time to see a silver ford...
  6. P

    Advice needed for new car delivery late >2 months

    I ordered a new Mercedes C200 Premium Sports @36k in Oct 2016 and was told the delivery is expected on 13 Feb 2017. Now I was just told the car could only finish manufacturing by end of March and the delivery to me will take even longer. Sales is just informing on this without offering...
  7. P

    3 months into my E-class ownership

    ...and it's been a wonderful experience so far. 3000 miles and I still look back at the car after I've parked it. Sometimes parking alongside 5-series and A6 and I just think my god, how blend are these cars?! It's built like a tank but sadly as slow as one too :D However I noticed a...
  8. J

    Brake pad and alignment issues after only 5 months - any rights?

    Hi all. My 2010 CLS 350 Grand is in for its Service D today. It's 5 months and around 4,500 since I bought it. They've called to say that the front alignment is out and the rear pads are 80% worn. I'm not surprised they didn't offer to fix either of these things under the 12 month approved...
  9. Gurd63

    My E63 has been in the dealer workshop for 5 months...

    Good morning all, This may be a long write up but please bare with me. As some of you may know, my 2012 E63 AMG went into my local Mercedes dealer due to the engine management light coming on. The car itself seemed to drive fine in my opinion, I didn't notice anything different. However...
  10. H

    Finally after 7 months wait - C220 in Diamand Silver

    absoloutly love the colour

    Soot chucker 2 months in.

    As in the header, I have now owned my W212 E350 CDI Sport Blue Efficiency for over two months. This is only the 2nd diesel car I have owned. I have now owned roughly 75 cars. Up to recently my opinions of oil burners were unprintable. The E350 has mellowed my views somewhat. its still noisy on...
  12. H

    C220 Delivery Lead Time, 7 Months !!

    I ordered my C220 company car via LeasePlan in mid December last year and gave Mercedes a call today to get an estimated delivery date. I was told that the build date is 1st April and should expect delivery in the UK on 6th of June and then 5 days to prep before I have it delivered on the...
  13. C

    W205 - 14 months on

    So after 14 months, 35,000 miles and 800+ hours of being sat in the driving seat I thought I'd pass on a few thoughts. I have a W205 C250 Bluetec in the sports version and it has been a damn fine motor so far. Have it for a company car so the 109 CO2 things help with the BiK taxation...
  14. def90cars

    House sale clapses after 15 months

    House purchase clapses after 15 months As it says. I am a cash buyer. They were buying non-chain houses. Nothing could convince them to progress at all. Now fell through. Very depressing after 15 months.
  15. C

    Lead time for new C class , 5 months!!!!

    Hi, Just been told by a couple local Mercedes dealers that if I want a car to my specification, I'm looking around 5 months wait :confused: 2-3 months is not that bad, but 5 months is a long time. Anyone else waited 5 months for a new car?
  16. Aletank

    200k Miles in 31 Months

    Always amazes me these high mileage young cars Would love to know who buys them and what problems / things they need to replace over the next 3/4 years once into "normal" 10k miles per year ownership. Mercedes-Benz E Class 2.1 E250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Avantgarde 7G-Tronic Plus 4dr (start/stop)

    16 months on

    Sorry folks..... broken link
  18. T

    4 months left on warranty

    Afternoon all with only 4 months of warranty left on my B180 Sport (W246 manual) I was wondering if there is anything I should 'get done' before I loose the support of the network outside of Mobilo etc? any common issues on these cars in general? just out of interest please
  19. K

    E55 had jet 2 s/c oil for 6 months, going to attempt it myself.

    I had this can of jet 2 oil for my supercharger for 6 months and after enquiring if specilists would change the oil whilist the s/c was on the car, they simply were not really interested. I have brought long magnetic allen keys, an syringe and tubing and will attempt it soon. Obviously I will...
  20. E

    IC Pump Failing after 6 months

    Hi Everyone I was wondering if someone could she some light on the Johnson ic pumps. So i currently have a few minor mods of the E55K (Thank you MSL) 84mm pulley remap eurocharged intercooler/heat exchange johnson cm? pump BMC air filters Future mod: up the pulley to the...
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