1. grober

    Juan Pablo Montoya

    Juan Pablo Montoya is involved in a weird accident at the 2012 Daytonna 500 WC1L4n_4f0E
  2. glojo

    Juan Pablo Montoya

    It now appears that the rumours of Montoya moving on are true I have enjoyed watching this driver battle against the best drivers in Formula 1 but.... he appears to be a flawed package? This season has clearly been his worst season in his formula 1 career and what upsets me has been his...
  3. Ian B Walker


    After watching the F1 today I got to thinking about Juan Pablo Montoya. Today he was unfortunate but what about the rest of the season. Do the team think that he is a luxury that McLaren can do without, or is he an asset. I wonder where McLaren would be in the Constructors League if he had...
  4. andy_cyp

    Congrats Montoya

    Well done monty, and well done MB. Would have been a lot nicer if Kimi could have finished second but nevertheless pulling from where he was after YET ANOTHER ENGINE BLOW UP to finish 3rd is a great achievement. Hard to catch/challenge Alonso though for the title imho, but... we will see...
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