1. D

    Moon missions

    An extraordinary set of Apollo mission images now released into the public domain Project Apollo Archive Some of my favs:
  2. ringway

    Supermoon Visible this Weekend.

    The moon will appear as a giant, glowing orb this evening in the first of three Supermoon events this summer. LINK.
  3. scottybrittas

    My new purchase - over the moon

    Picked up my 2012 c63 last week. It's absolutely blown me away! Not just the performance (it was obviously going to be rapid), but the sound, the refinement, quality of the product, is exceptional. Summary of spec is: 19" black multi spokes Performance pack Harmon Kardon Calcite white Black...
  4. grober

    Neil Armstrong first man on the moon.

    Excellent documentary repeated on BBC 2 tonight 8pm. As Tom Wolfe said this guy was truly made of "The Right Stuff" or watch it on iPLAYER here BBC iPlayer - Neil Armstrong - First Man on the Moon
  5. M

    Did we land on the moon? Ch5 Tonight 8pm

    As title tonight a documentary posing the question that has to be honest bugged me for years. I dont normally partake in conspiracy theories but I often wonder about the truth in this. Especailly with the advances in technology that we have now compared to the late 1960's. Hopefully tonight will...
  6. D

    Blue Moon

    Really made up for my friends that love this song, well done.:thumb: Blue moon, You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own. Blue moon You knew just what I was there for You heard me saying a prayer for Someone I really could care for. And then...
  7. Benzmanc

    Transformers...Dark of the Moon

    Nice sls :thumb: not saying anything else for those that haven't seen it ;)
  8. E CLASS

    Moon miles S Class 320cdi

  9. markjay

    Moon eclipse tonight 15th June 2011

    Total Eclipse of the Moon: 2011 June 15 That it, if you are lucky enough to happen to be in a part of the world where sky is clear - here in London it is quite cloudy at the moment :(
  10. AANDYY

    The first men in the moon - BBC4

    Just watched this VV good :thumb:. Repeated a few more times. Probably!
  11. DSB SL AMG

    C220cdi 2002 W211 £4995 with moon miles:)

    Hi guys, spotted this on ebay.....2002 C220cdi early W211, ex airport cab in Blackpool, 381K moon miles on clock!!!! Mercedes-Benz E class E220 cdi diesel 2002 new shape on eBay (end time 27-Feb-10 15:17:54 GMT) £4995 trade i think overpriced....its been up for a sale a while....maybe worth...
  12. Godot

    Fly Me to the Moon, but keep a sharp look out! :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  13. culpano

    Amazing moon hoax theory videos

    I was shocked when I saw these video clips. I've been a fan of spaceflight for over 30 years (been to Cape Canaveral and Houston) and own hundreds of books and videos. I've seen lots of moon hoax material on the web and on Sky documentaries but have never seen clips of reporters...
  14. Steve_Perry

    Google Moon The Moon gets the Google mapping treatment :D :rock: S.
  15. sub_zero

    W220 sliding moon roof problem...

    Hi there... We have a W220 2001 S320 ,when we first bought it,we use key identification to switch on and off the car that is ,when you are outside the car,just grab the driver's door handle and all windows and sliding roof close,now the problem is : when I grab the drivers' door handle,all...
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