1. flat6buster

    One for Mr Charles Morgan

    On the basis that you are SM-less and your ce is completed (?) you obviously need something to keep you occupied: how about this?
  2. gaz_l

    Happy birthday Charles Morgan

    Late in the day but many happy returns Charles, hope it's been a good one! Cheers, Gaz
  3. d w124

    Happy Birthday Charles Morgan

    Have a good day :thumb:
  4. C240Sport97

    For old farts:: new Morgan Aero 8

    Any love for this? I think it is just lovely. I may even get one if it looks as good in the metal as in the pics, if it rides and handles with excitement and verve and if it is well built. No customer cars until 2016. Dealer demos around Oct 15. Well done Morgan! Aero 8...
  5. brucemillar

    Thanks to Charles Morgan. (In red)

    Harley's asked a question on here about good products for red paint. The general consensus was: ClearKote Moose Glaze. Well I gave it a go with no machine tools. Then sealed it with: Collinite 845. Here is the result. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. ringway

    Looks like BTB 500 and Charles Morgan have had the spanners out.

    They've been up to something... :D d96B-x8NPag
  7. M

    Gemclean Detailing-Aeromans Morgan 3W

    Hi Guys, During the major floodings we had down south, we had to move Aeromans vehicles out of there underground car park. When we moved the three wheeler it was apparent that an overflow pipe was dropping all over the 3w for quite sometime. Luckily the 3 wheeler was treated to the whole...
  8. The _Don

    Sunday service: Morgan factory, april 13
  9. W

    Charles Morgan's 190 16v for sale

    This 190 16v is back up for sale. There's quite a nice review of it in this month's Classic and Sports Car. Classic Car Project Shop | Mercedes 190 Cosworth For Sale - Classic Car Project Shop
  10. I

    One for Charles Morgan

    Festive drinking: And not a bottle of Krug in sight :D:D
  11. Seamster15

    One for Dieselman/Charles Morgan

  12. Mike Walker

    For Charles Morgan

    Taken at Crystal Palace recently:- :thumb:
  13. W

    Morgan Motor Company: The Most Honest Car Factory in the World OJLcoGMPQ94
  14. L

    FAO Charles Morgan

    Hi Charles, Apologies for the directness of this thread, but another forum member mentioned you might be thinking of selling your C55. As newcomer here, I can't PM, so if you're interested in selling at all please feel free to get in touch. Best wishes Luke
  15. BlackC55

    Mr Morgan's E320CDI evaporator repair

  16. M

    What great new neighbours to have - one for Charles Morgan

    Just found out our new French neighbours family own vineyards. Turns out they are the negociants, Bouchard pere et fils. Charles, for that is the gents name, does not have a tele so we have invited him around tomorrow evening to watch France lose to Spain. I wonder if he will bring something...
  17. ringway

    Happy Birthday Charles Morgan!

    Happy Birthday, Charles. :)
  18. C240Sport97

    Morgan Plus 4 SuperSports

    Drove one of these today. What a hoot! 200hp from 4 cylinder 2 litre engine. Limited edition of 60 cars only. £50k. Seems very expensive to me. Great fun to drive though. What are they like to live with, and what are residuals like?
  19. Charles Morgan

    Morgan's choice

    Ok, the following happened on Monday. In the grid of South Kensington I was waiting to turn right. The street into which I was turning was quite narrow. In my right a brown van was waiting at the give way lines to turn right into the road I was on. In front of me a green van was moving at...
  20. Charles Morgan

    Chocks away - Morgan cleared for take off!

    Dear old Morgan cars have re-created a three wheeler, and what a joy to behold. I particularly like the idea of the starter button being the firing button from the Typhoon. Chocks away, chaps! Piccies here
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