1. B

    Sl320 r129 engine cut out my P reg 320 cut out three times the is morning throwing up

    It cut out three times mange to restart it twice but the third it had to recovered on a lowloader Any suggestion Any suggestion Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Ray1888

    New spoiler fitted this morning

    Subtle but I like it
  3. Ray1888

    New spoiler fitted this morning

  4. AngryDog

    My morning at MSL

    Had the car at MSL today. Bit down on power at 444bhp at the wheels. It's probably losing between 5 and 22bhp at the wheels. Acid thinks that the IC pump may be the weak link as the IATs were a bit high. It has the newer Bosch pump on it so I am going to look at getting a larger heat exchanger...
  5. B

    Potential owner saying good morning

    Hello all. I don't currently own a Mercedes, but that's potentially going to change soon, so I've signed up to do some research, ask some (possibly stupid) questions and keep an eye on the classified ads. My current car is a Subaru Forester STi, which I've owned for six and a bit years...
  6. R

    Good Morning from Sunny Eversley

    Hi Folks By way of introduction, I'm Rob from a small village on the Hants/Berks border. I've posted a tricky electronics/key/EIS challenge in the appropriate forum, hoping you gurus will throw some light on my dilemma.
  7. ChrisCLS55

    A pleasent surprise this morning...

    It was very frosty this morning here in the North East - waking up to ice and frosted everything. Cars, roads, pavements, grass etc. Walking to my car it become obvious some little git had written a message on the boot lid of it near the spoiler... I was thinking "Tosser" or "****er" heading...
  8. M

    S205 - Boot / tailgate fully open this morning, frozen inside!

    Hi All, Woke up this morning to an icy car on the driveway, with the boot wide open and the contents covered in frost. Thankfully nothing taken and care still present and correct! Anyone else had this experience? I've had the obvious thought of leaning on my keys in my pocket from inside the...
  9. Alex225

    The Morning's Work

    Since it's a nice bright day, I got outside and gave the other half's SL350 a cash. She doesn't do many miles these days so it never gets too bad. Was a simple one, soaked with Citrus Pre-Wash, rinsed, washed with the usual method and dried. I used a quick detailer by a new brand called Maxi...
  10. lisa110rry

    Oh what a beautiful morning!

    Cold (1c) and crisp here this morning. Perfect for a walk around the river. I'll get me wellies! What's the weather like with you?
  11. R

    E63 LSD. Need advice before morning.

    Posting this again as I can't edit my other thread title! I'm picking up a 2014 E63 S tomorrow morning having driven a long way to the dealership. The car has what Mercedes term an AMG rear axle limited-slip differential lock fitted as standard. This came with a complimentary oil change at...
  12. Oxonmb

    Morning All

    Another newby here, just moved from M3's to Mercedes, fancied a change. I have an E350 Coupe. Always good to be part of a forum, my last one M3 Cutters were really helpful, i can imagine it will be the same here, passion and knowledge. Look forward to chatting with you all. Thanks Graham
  13. nickjonesn4

    Gratuitous Sunday morning Car Pic

    Just moved to Edinburgh and visited highly recommended hand car wash on Leith - Bubbles - not cheap but good products used and car looking pretty damn good for 11 years old I reckon. Defintiely keeping it 100% standard looking I've decided despite the 672lb ft of torque now lurking under the...
  14. P

    Good morning all

    Well I'm new to this forum but not car forums :thumb: Joined as I'm looking for my next toy being a C63 AMG and thought I'd say hi and look forward to meeting a few of your guys in the near future, Oh and if you guys know anybody who is looking to sell theirs to give me a shout, I have a...
  15. J


    Good morning all New member here and a c63 amg owner just to say hi. Regards JB
  16. M

    Not starting geat in morning

    Hi everyone I have a eclass 2010 220 Mercedes, in the mornings when starting it could take two turns of the key to get it started , got the battery checked over seems to be fine the garage said ,however when it is warm no bother at all starting , just feels not right like it could let me down ...
  17. L

    Morning all,

    Morning peeps, haven't been here for ages, thought I'd pop my head in:thumb: About to embark on a bit of a Merc project so stay tuned:bannana::bannana:
  18. S

    Morning Merc'ers

    Hello and morning. I'm seadog and i've just delved into mercedes ownership for the first time in 15years of driving. The time had come to move from big estate cars to something bigger, so got myself a 2012 Vito Sport-X. Will get some pictures up later today Chuffed to bits with it...
  19. R

    New this morning

    Hi everyone Have put a post on this morning but not sure if I put it in the right place! Anyway, just saying hi all, looks a great site for a sorts of info
  20. stevebgt1

    Was it you ? M56 this morning?

    Crept up behind a white C63 saloon this morning on M56 Westbound. Private reg I think was W1SH K ( I think)..... We had the obligatory ` nod` and went on our ways after both doing `reasonably` high speed....:thumb: Steve
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