1. Giantvanman

    First class moron.

    Not funny or clever. But he obviously thinks it is both because he had someone film it….. the T.W.A.T club president. 2jaNeWOMblY
  2. E

    Am I A Moron?

    Hey guys, Thought I'd register here and ask a few questions, just to see if I've totally lost my mind. I've been driving for about 4 years now, didn't start until I was 23 due to living in London and being a student, but having not seriously injured or killed anyone in that time, I'm now...
  3. cinek

    what a moron

    Chihuahua 'Swinging' Charge Admitted By Teenager After Viral Video Appeal Wouldn't mind setting my dog on that useless meat bag...
  4. mct_cars

    Moron in a Silver Mondeo - Road Rage

    Thought I'd put this on here as a vent! Set the scene... in my wife's car (S-Max), just been to Tesco to do the shopping, around 13:30 today. Sets off happy as you like and goes to join the motorway (in this the A1 Western Bypass). Accelerated down the slip road up to about 60 - cars in...
  5. billywhiz

    Moron in 62 plate E320 - Fastest car on the road

    .. Who on a set of traffic lights today on the A41 decided he would try to force me into a industrial road cleaner like something out of fast and furious - so so desperate to get in front were'nt you... A few things my friend. 1. When the accountant at your company signed off your first...
  6. Doodle

    Use your f*cking mirrors

    To the moron in the black C-class repmobile in Basingstoke today, thank you so very much for changing lanes and nearly running me into the central reservation in the process today. Given that I was on a large bright red motorcycle which is far from quiet, I can only assume that you were either...
  7. Simon_M

    Some Moron drove into my car

    On a roundabout, one lane goes left, one right. I go right and he comes across from the left lane and takes out the front of my car :mad: Bumper, wing, wheel and headlight seem to be toast......... He wants to pay for it but I suspect it will go through insurance. I have my doubts even...
  8. Mudster

    This mornings moron.....

    For those of you that deal with the public, you'll understand the frustration of the following....... A customer came in and bought a few tiles during the week, not much, about 6 sq/m, they didn't want to pay for collection so asked us to put them in the back of her car.... We made a little...
  9. scotth_uk

    Someone please jail this moron How on earth does he keep getting away with it?
  10. Laters

    Moron Drivers

    Has anyone else noticed the increase in moronic drivers all of a sudden :crazy: . Went out to local shop for a pizza last night and wished I hadn't :mad: . I was driving down the road when a boyo going the other way decided to overtake his mate without checking the road ahead was clear :crazy...
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