1. D

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG Teddy Mayers car very big money

    MERCEDES 300ce Mosselman AMG, Teddy Mayers car | eBay
  2. P

    W124 Mosselman 300-24 Twin Turbo kit

    Mosselman 300-24 Twin Turbo kit, turbos have been replaced with NOS Turbo Technics T2 Turbos, manifolds and downpipe outlets. Rest of the kit is Mosselman. £2500
  3. d w124

    Mosselman TT kit

    Looks like Nev is having a clear out W124 Mercedes 300E CE 24 Mosselman Turbo Technics Twin Turbo Kit AMG some | eBay
  4. G

    Mosselman 124

    This looks stunning and not too crazy a price. W124 300E Mosselman Twin Turbo For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C403135]
  5. M

    190e 2.0 mosselman turbo setup

    Hi guys, i'm new to this forum stuff, i'm currently from Australia and have for sale a motor, manual gearbox and turbo set up for a 190e. If you have any questions please pm me, photo's coming soon. Thanks Dave
  6. J

    Cosworth turbo manifold

    Mercedes W201 190e 2.3 2.5-16 Evo Cosworth TURBO Exhaust Manifold Mosselman AMG | eBay Looks basically like my mosselman manifold and not to bad quality i asked for more pictures and it looked good quality.. May be helpful to someone
  7. P

    Mosselman Co%

    Anyone know what the Co percentage at idle of a 24v 3.0L W124 Mosselman twin turbo should be?
  8. nick.ged

    mosselman anyone?

    turbo 124 anybody? 1990 MOSSELMAN TWIN TURBO MERCEDES 260E AUTO BLUE on eBay (end time 01-Nov-09 14:55:09 GMT)
  9. M

    Mosselman W124 (at least I think it is)

    Now, I understand that some Mosselman turbo-ed MBs are sought after. And there's a very nice silver CE in Japan. But what on Earth happened to this poor thing: It's on at the moment. A biturbo with an asking price of 27,500 euro (and a body kit only a blind mother could love)...
  10. M

    Japanese Mosselman Turbo C124!

    Just browsing Garage Current's Website, I've just found this little beauty! VERY low mileage, and (no doubt) extremely rare! I've heard of Mosselmann Turbo conversion, and the 300CR and 300SLR (R129), but I've never seen one for sale before! CLICK HERE for the 300CR The price equates to...
  11. M

    Mosselman Turbo'ed Cosworth

    A 2.3-16 with a Mosselman Turbo conversion! It quotes 260bhp - now that must be fun! :devil: Darren
  12. C

    Mosselman Turbo Kit - 190e - (complete/new)

    For sale is my new (never been fit/used) Mosselman Turbo Kit (complete) for the 190e (1.8/2.0/2.3) , will also fit other models but will be needing a custom manifold This kit is an amazing piece of work and will bolt straight on to a stock engine (no upgrading needed) with only the fuel lines...
  13. NW_Merc

    190E 2.5-16 with Mosselman Turbo
  14. C

    Mosselman Turbo Kit (brand new) for 190e (W201)

    Hi guys ill save you the sales pitch as you probably all know how extremely well built this kit is and even more so how rare it is (esp as its never been used) the kit is a straight bolt on, will increase performance for the 190 an additional 60-80 BHP for the 8v and even more so for the 16v...
  15. NW_Merc

    Mosselman Turbo kit Could it be modified for a mercedes? :cool:
  16. jpskiller

    Mosselman Turbo Kit Mercedes M102 2.0 or 2.3 (8 valve) May be of interest, If only I had the money spare!
  17. N

    Mosselman turbo kit ecu help.

    Anybody speak electronics? I've bought a Mosselman W201 190E 2.0 or 2.3 (8 valve) turbo kit. It's NOS & unused. It's said to raise bhp from 120-ish to 180-ish (& torque similarly) with no internal mods. A low boost bolt on kit which delivers 2.3/2.5-16 power levels from a 2.0 8 valve. It...
  18. M

    Mosselman twin turbo W124 300E-24V

    Have recently taken the plunge and bought the above named kit via Ebay. According to Mosselman it really is a "bolt on" kit ,very few engine mods required. He did specify 2 step colder plugs and decent fuel, Optimax ? But that's about it. My question to the mechanical wizards out there is ...
  19. A

    Mosselman Twin Turbo Kit for 300 24v M104 engines

    Hi, I've been forced to sell my Mosselman Twin turbo kit from my 300TE24, it's on e bay, search item number 8005557281. Adam
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