1. lordlee

    Holy mother of....

    Warning this cannot be unseen.... 53 MERCEDES-BENZ C180K SPORT COUPE KOMPRESSOR 1.8 SE 18" ALLOYS PX SWAPS | United Kingdom | Gumtree Gutted you don't get the 'private' plate too. Where do you start with this one?
  2. ringway

    Old Mother Riley.

    I used to see this as a child. It seems funnier these days. :o :crazy: MhEkv2-HIpg
  3. pagzzy

    looking for a car for my mother in law

    hi guys as your such a friendly bunch i was wondering if anyone can help... my mother in law is looking for a new car in particular a mercedes a-class or c-class on a 2008 or newer model. her budget is 10k i was wondering if anyone knew where to look instead of the main stealers at this...
  4. D-18

    Two days old - deserted by mother!!!

    Hebridean lamb......rejected by mum, but successfully adopted by another Ewe. One of many little bundles of fluff running around at my friend's smallholding today.
  5. mercedescl500

    This could be used for the mother of all conversions

    Complete 6.3 AMG Engine. Very low miles 3700 miles :D:D Mercedes AMG 6.3 Engine on eBay (end time 12-Nov-10 16:05:23 GMT) would make one hell of a conversion !
  6. S

    Mother w/Kids in car races train... Was her life so busy that she had to race to get past that train?
  7. M

    Mother of all Cobras.

    I know this is a Merc forum but I just couldn't resist. 1100BHP! Mac.
  8. ckember

    toe rag Mother F*****s

    :mad: :devil: :crazy: :( Been away on a buisness trip and parked the beloved merc in PinkElephant at Heathrow, On return today found the image below greeting me. They took the command 2 head unit and 6 disc player from the glove box. Police had already been and tried to finger...
  9. K

    American in Italy ..revenge is a mother

    I love the stories on the road rage forum. Got to tell you this one. A few years back I rented a BMW 318 out of Rome Italy. Got on the Autostrada and gave the car an Italian tune-up. Got the 5 speed blender up to 120 mph and came upon some jack ass in the left lane. Turned on my left...
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