1. J

    Motion Sensor

    Trying to deactivate motion sensor in SLK 200 when the dog is in the car
  2. FateSynchro

    Video in motion / Mercedes ME / European light adjustment

    Guys, As per the title can anyone shed some light on how to get Mercedes ME to work with the unlock and start things ive downloaded the app but it wont let me activate it, shall i just pop into Merc dealer and set it up? Also how do i enable Video in motion and how do i adjust my lights for...
  3. CLSMark

    Going to wheels in motion on Tuesday. (Car pulling to the left)

    This is my 3rd week of MB ownership, and since day one I've felt flat due to it constantly pulling to the left, I've had it tracked, balanced/tyre pressures, but still no joy. It's actually hurting my wrist holding the damn thing straight. So did some googling, and it threw up WIM, the bloke on...
  4. C

    Video in motion

    Hi it's probably been covered ample times, but can't find anything on google Is there any Mercedes coding/hacks that can be done, i have no idea what can be done more then unlocking video in motion. Does anyone know anyone thats used or recommend for a w204 C63 2010 with command system...
  5. W

    video in motion

    So I was about to buy the cable to allow video in motion to work with the TV tuner, obviously for a passenger to watch :bannana: Some google research found this site - DVDInMotion: Video unlock solution for Mercedes-Benz Anyone used this method to unlock VIM ? If its true to what it...
  6. M

    2017 Mercedes C63s Launch Control and Drift In Slow Motion

    2017 Mercedes C63s Launch Control and Drift In Slow Motion [YOUTUBE HD]hxpZ3qfgYjc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. S

    XCarlink Video in motion - any one tried this unit? For my 2007 S320 W221 Has any one had any experiences with this unit? many thanks
  8. D

    W219 NTG1 Video In Motion

    :devil: OK guys before you want to tie me to a stake , set fire to me , throw me in jail or chemical castration . . . . . . Im trying to enable Video in Motion for my little person. The cartoons aren't the same when you can listen but only view when stopped at traffic lights, so for an easy life...
  9. Stratman

    Wheels In Motion

    I had a visit to Wheels In Motion today, to sort out the famous pulling to the left. After Joe had put it on the lift and hooked up the rather amazing measurement and alignment centre, it showed everything was in the green and within MB's specifications. This is perfectly normal and part of...
  10. 7om

    Command DVD player motion disable?

    Hello, I have a CLS55 with the command sat nav and DVD player. When I'm driving it has a safety feature that pops up blocking the image on screen, you just get the audio. How do I disable this safety feature (which wire do I cut) as I don't have rear screens and my passengers can't watch a...
  11. grumpyoldgit

    Mercedes-benz f 015 luxury in motion

    watch?v=DYTV4d-Gn0s World premiere of the Mercedes-Benz F 015: Luxury in Motion at the CES | Daimler Global Media Site > Brands & Products > Mercedes-Benz Cars > Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars > Concept Vehicles <<<-- More info here.
  12. D

    W204 Video in Motion

    Hi, I have installed a VIM kit and works fine until a few hours later. It flickers the "the command system will turn off" sign and after a few minutes it turns off. I can lift my screen up again after but the clock doesn't show and the screen color looks a bit weird. The steering wheel...
  13. Kingpin!

    Interior motion sensor too sensitive?

    Hi, forum! I think I have discovered that when my internal heater is on (to warm up the car for a couple of hours so I get ice-free windows in the morning (which in turn is connected to an internal 240VAC outlet on the passenger side)) then the alarm might go on. I also think that if I set the...
  14. developer

    TV In Motion

    So I sat in a long traffic jam tonight watching Storage Hunters (brrrr). Each time I moved and got to 1mph the picture switched off (though the sound stays on). A biker sat behind me and appeared to be watching it with me - this got me wondering what the legal position is on watching TV in...
  15. T

    4 Motion E Class Coming to UK?

    In a dealer's today I was lamenting the fact that my recent new E-Class has got the 7G Tronic box rather than the 9G Tronic as our German chums get. That's not to say I don't like what I've got, but we always want more, don't we? The salesman explained that 9G Tronic is getting rolled out now...
  16. b1g1an

    How cool are the motion sensors

    Very sad I know, but I've just spent ten minutes locking and unlocking the car to watch the motion sensors wind themselves in and out of the roof and then dragging anyone I can find over to see them too. Completely pointless, over complicated design but oh so cool :D
  17. developer

    Video In Motion - A Fab Upgrade.

    On Friday local indie programmed my COMAND unit to allow the DVD player to work whilst the car is in motion. I wasn't sure at first, however, I can report that on a 220 mile drive to Dumfries (to visit family for Easter) it's been a blessing. I managed to watch all of my favourite horror...
  18. S

    Audio 20 tv in motion

    Hi, I have just got my 2012 c220cdi AMG sport plus, It has the audio 20 with Becker map pilot. I just wanted to know if there is a adapter to play tv through factory stereo or convertor etc
  19. S

    Video in motion suddenly stopped working

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to both here and Mercedes. I got my CL63 AMG last month (2nd hand), and when I turned on the TV function, it would work even when driving. That was until a few days ago - When it stopped working. I've tried everything like removing the phone cradle, ejecting all...
  20. whitenemesis

    Motion Sensing LED Tubes

    Does anyone have a link to a retail supplier of these T8 replacements? I can find commercial suppliers but no one willing to supply just 3 tubes.. NEW Technology - Tech-i 1200mm Motion Sensing LED Tube | Exled
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