1. M

    Motorol Moto G (2nd gen)

    Hi I was thinking of getting the Motorola moto g 2nd gen with 5" screen... I don't need 4g so this is fine I think. I'm moving from an iPhone 4 which has given me enuf issues and this seems well priced about £140. Any users have this phone and can they recommend? Many thanks
  2. C

    NTG 4.5 + Moto G

    If this is common I guess there would be many posts, so maybe I am the first. I have a 2011 with NTG4.5 (that had the very latest FW loaded last week). Around the same time I got an Moto G, so I don't know if it worked before, but now I find the bluetooth is unreliable, it keeps dropping...
  3. ringway

    10 Motorbike Crashes.

    Worth watching if only for the first one. :D _bCruDGzspk
  4. artyman

    Moto GP

    Just finished watching over four hours of MotoGP , I'm exhausted, great races in both 1, 2, and 3. If they are all like that I shall need a supply of batteries for the pacemaker. Fanatstic to see Valentino Rossi back on it again, ride of the night for me.
  5. RaceDiagnostics

    moto lita steering wheel

    Can you belive it, Kim says she is dissapointed with the new leather steering wheel and says we should get a wood one, Moto-Lita seem to have a good range. Does anyone have experience of fitting them to a 107.
  6. 300CE

    Moto GP, Le Mans 2011

    Howdo chaps, I'm off to watch the GP at Le Mans next year with a few pals :rock:. Travelling there on the SP1 and well looking forward to it. I've been to the 24 Heures and they have a drivers parade in Le Mans Town Centre and Mad Friday & was wondering whether there is the same kind of...
  7. corned

    SAP V2 module and Moto K1 phone

    Has anyone tried (succeeded) in pairing the two items above? Having studied the K1 handset is listed as compatible with the SAP V2 module. I have had success only so far in getting paired up. Following the instructions, I can get as far as COMAND recognising the K1 handset...
  8. Mr Jadefox

    Moto Expo on Starts at Canary Wharf today

    Had a quick look around just before heading home. Have to say.... the E-Class Coupe is a VERY nice car! Apologies for quality of picture from my phone.
  9. glojo

    Moto Gp

    Just a quick post to remind everyone that Motor Gp is on this morning. Saturday and NOT Sunday. Can anyone predict the first two? I got the US Formula One Grand Prix prediction correct!!! Regards, John
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