1. clk320x

    Motorbike on motorway telling me to stop

    Was driving down M1 today towards London, speed reduced to 40. I was in the middle lane. A man on a motorbike with a green jacket (no police markings etc) with a go-pro on helmet aggressively came next to my car and started beeping me to pullover whilst screaming. He then tried to make me pull...
  2. J

    Identify the motorbike?

    can anyone ID this bike for my dad - it's my dad in the pic, but he cant remember....many thanks..
  3. W

    Brazilian motorbike cop chase

    Some very committed riding by the Brazilian police :eek: 8YZJn0NwXuc
  4. K

    Lotus Motorbike

    I know there are some bikers on here, so here it is. Lotus motorbike to hit the streets - Telegraph
  5. ringway

    10 Motorbike Crashes.

    Worth watching if only for the first one. :D _bCruDGzspk
  6. jukie

    For anyone involved in or connect with motorbike instruction

    I have a number of hi-vis yellow over-jackets that were given to me. They are from a police supplier and do have blue & silver reflective strips on them but DO NOT have any Police insignia. All have Police-style (silver test on blue background) labels sewn on the rear. Two are labelled...
  7. W

    The motorbike that won't fall over

    Very clever :) Lit Motors, Inc. | Rekindle the Excitement
  8. W

    Is there a motorbike equivalent of Parker's Guide?

    As per the title, does anyone know of a motorbike equivalent of Parker's Guide? I'm looking for power AND torque figures for bike engines maybe 5-10 years old. Thanks.
  9. spock500

    Dodge V10 Viper motorbike

    This may well have been posted before, apologies of it has - You have to love the Yanks, 500hp and he is not wearing a lid :D Dodge Tomahawk Fast's Bike in the World - Video YouTube - Dodge Tomahawk
  10. C

    Had my 1st motorbike accident today

    Today I broke my golden rule of not going out on two wheels when its raining, and, perhaps deservedly, reaped the reward. I was on my way to Carnaby Street for the a rideout to Buckingham Palace and on to some Mod Music gig in the east end. I got all of a mile or so up the road, when I lost...
  11. christopherwk

    How to start a motorbike when it hasn't been used for a while?

    As the thread title suggests... As the weather seems to be ok at the moment, I've decided to take the bike out as I haven't used it for about a month and a half, maybe almost two now, and not being technically minded, what's the best way to start it? It's a 2004 Honda CBF600S (44,000 miles)...
  12. wobbly

    Worlds most expensive motorbike ?

    Well it is a Ferrari !! FERRARI D.O.H.C - MOTORCYCLE - UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!! on eBay (end time 09-Sep-09 17:01:36 BST)
  13. gaz_l

    Motorbike accident today..

    Earlier on I was enjoying a pint in the beer garden of the local pub, as you may find yourself doing on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There was a bit of a screech/tinkle which made people's heads look up.. turned out to be a guy who had parted company with his bike on a roundabout the other side of...
  14. C

    Want a Motorbike - any bikers here?

    One of my friends has recently got back into biking and bought a lovely looking Triumph speed-triple. I have never riden a motorbike on the road and have always been very, very wary of them after my cousin lost a kidney and broke most of his bones in a motorbike accident (not his fault)...
  15. Spinal

    Motorbike respray advice...

    So a while ago I went too low on my motorbike and scratched the side. I brought it to the dealer, who said that one of the stickers was a special order and he won't be able to source it easily. I now have a few options... Sticker: - Replace the right hand side with a custom made copy (might...
  16. robert.saunders

    Motorbike - Direct Access (DAS)

    I'm toying with doing an intense DAS test (which I understand includes CBT) through a training company; my dad has had motorbikes most of his life and I have always been intrigued but never really got round to it. Mid-life crisis is looming methinks... A friend of mine who already has...
  17. Spinal

    Uncle Ken Dislikes Motorbike Yobs...

    Also known as the "conceal the safety benefits and hope those that don't vote for you go an kill themselves" thread.... Stolen from the Ducati forum I'm a...
  18. jimti

    Motorbike crackdown 'a success'

    From BBC News I know noise can be a problem, but is this allowed? if it was suggesting where they shouldn't go I might understand
  19. Dieselman

    Pretty quick diesel Motorbike

    For anyone who really needs to get around quickly there's always a motobike..
  20. Spinal

    Motorbike Control

    Have a look at this Japanese cop: quite impressive, especially considering the size of the bike! Michele
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