1. R

    Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run

    Anybody here participating in the ride this year? I've missed it the last couple of years due to being away for work. Going to make it this year though! Will be leaving from Colchester area to ride up to the start if anybody else happens to be going and fancies a ride up together.
  2. N

    Polish motorcycle ambulance I'm not sure what to think about this really.
  3. N

    Best internet price for motorcycle brakedisc?

    who has the best internet price for motorcycle brakediscs? can you link a motorcycle webshop? i'm looking for front brakediscs for a 1997 Suzuki TL1000s i don't know where to find discs cheap besides ebay? are these TRW/Lucas discs any good? TRW Lucas Bremsscheibe Starr Vorne MST246...
  4. GregDaisley

    Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Jacket & Trousers - LARGE

    Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Jacket & Trousers - LARGE Used once, no longer needed as I've now sold my bike... Mint, as new condition. RRP Jacket £190, Trousers £160. Best kit on the market. Both size Large. Further info: Jacket The technically advanced...
  5. grober

    Dude where's my motorcycle?

    Dude where's my motorcycle? Jt6Kfsej4fs
  6. mercmanuk

    new russion motorcycle

    might not get uk patent though
  7. Spinal

    Motorcycle Lock

    A quickie... I need a new motorbike "security device"... My only real concerns are that it needs to be relatively secure as well as being portable... so a massive chain isn't something I like :p I was tempted by one of the alarmed disk locks... any advice on these? M . EDIT: Thought...
  8. Sp!ke

    Car v Motorcycle drift video

    Some impressive skills there. :thumb: VYpOFimB7ZA
  9. M

    Dare I say it, any bikers on MBClub?

    I'm not sure if Mercedes drivers and bikers are a common combination, but anyway, I'm a biker and wondered if anyone else here currently rides and if so, what have ya got? Me? TL1000s, 2006 R6 trackbike and 2010 GSX-R600..
  10. R

    A Poll - Should MotorCycle Filtering be made illegal

    1 - Yes, It's dangerous and causes crashes resulting in injury or even deaths on the road that can be avoided 2 - No, Motorcycles are allowed to filter so can do so if they wish 3 - No, Motorcycles are a law unto themselves and as such should be allowed to do whatever they damn well please...
  11. Ian B Walker

    Norton Motorcycle

    While on the Cumbrian GTG I saw this bike. Firstly I thought it was a Manx Norton but now I have my doubts. Can the panel help in identifying it please.
  12. CIL 7015

    New mb auxillary battery or motorcycle battery?

    Having, like many on the forum, suffered battery problems over the cold spell I eventually replaced the main battery in the boot of my w211 only to find that electrical consumers in the car still did not work. A check of the small front battery revealed no electolyte so was duly topped up and...
  13. Swiss Toni

    Do you see the motorcycle?

    Do you see the motorcycle? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Honda rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a mobile phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the motorcycle. The...
  14. SL300-24

    New Buell Motorcycle

    Most of you know that apart from classic cars my other passion is for motorcycles. Harley Davidson have just stopped making Buell Motorcycles, due to Harley being in dire financial troubles. A company restructure has also resulted in Harley selling their share in MV Augusta. The company...
  15. robert.saunders

    The Carole Nash International Motorcycle & Scooter Show

    Anyone going? I'm there Thursday 4th in case you are going but wanted to avoid me :devil:
  16. Sp!ke

    Clarkson Motorcycle review
  17. mercmanuk

    motorcycle jackets

    selling two motorcycle jackets on ebay hein gericke leather jacket item number 300234506151 dainese gore-tex jacket item number 300234501220 open to offers from forum members
  18. st13phil

    Time for new Motorcycle Boots - Suggestions, please

    I know this predominately a car forum, but there are also quite a few bikers on here so I thought I'd ask anyway :) I've been wearing a pair of the long-since discontinued Alpinestar Gore-Tex Touring boots for more years than I can remember. They've been fantastic: totally waterproof...
  19. Spinal

    Motorcycle parking in Oxford

    Howdy - quick last minute question; does anyone know what the rules governing motorbike parking in Oxford are? I know in certain boroughs of London I can happily park in a pay&display for free (e.g. Hillingdon) but is this the case in Oxford? If not, does anyone know of parking around/near...
  20. D

    Motorcycle Madness in the Pennines

    Having just read Motard's experiences on the M5, I experienced something different in the Pennines on Saturday. The A686 between Melmerby and Hartside Height is a steady climb with lots of very sharp bends. It seems to have become a bikers Mecca as an unofficial time trial. I was coming...
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