1. The _Don

    London motorexpo this week.
  2. The _Don

    Motorexpo new s class pictures

    Looks stunning in the flesh.
  3. The _Don

    Motorexpo at canary wharf this week
  4. bpsorrel


    Popping over to MotorExpo at Canary Wharf today. Good chance to sit in an SLS! :D:D (plus the new S will be there!) Anyone else visiting today, wear a red carnation and I'll wave and say Hi! :D:D (joke, of course!)
  5. bpsorrel


    Anyone going to Motorexpo at Canary Wharf tomorrow? London - Show Information The new A Class will be there as well as a few other new cars. SWMBO and I will be there too! :D
  6. Gucci

    MotorExpo - Premium cars v Mainstream

    Had a great day today at Motor Expo with the family. E63 being revved hard by staff was a crowd draw! Having sat in a range of cars there, I did start to wonder just how different the cars were from each other (or not as the case may be). Sure the materials and finish in the £190,000 Bentley...
  7. bpsorrel


    Anyone planning on going this year? Motorexpo 2010 at Canary Wharf, London I'm hoping to get down on friday... keen to see the new Saab 9-5 in the "flesh" and the SLS... :)
  8. U

    Canary Wharf 2007 MotorExpo (Pics)

    Canary Wharf 2007 MotorExpo here are just some of the pictures i got from this years MotoExpo Enjoy!! Audi BMW Jaguar Range Rover Ford Aston Martin Lotus Hummer Porsche Renault lamborghini Bentley Maybach And...
  9. com

    Canary Wharf Motorexpo 2005 (MB shots 56k warn)

    Just wondering if anyone else on here popped along ? Was not a bad show considering it was free. Quite a lot of people but yet well spaced out to prevent too much bumping into others. At the MB booth the biggest attraction was probably the CLS while overall I would say it was the Aston booth...
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