1. Alf Isty

    Anyone on here a Motoring Journalist?

    If so, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. Do you have Indemnity and Libel insurance? Are you taxed on the cars you review? i.e. Are they classed as a "perk" like a company car?
  2. ringway

    Winter Motoring Tips.

    A tip that I got from Verytalldave on here years ago. Like a fool and his money, a wiper and its rubber are soon parted, so if it's icy in the morning, check that your wipers are in the '0' position before turning the ignition key.
  3. 230K

    Motoring photos from a NYC stroll

    Hi I was killing time yesterday prior to a flight and took a few motoring related pic from in and around Brooklyn. Happy New Year
  4. John Jones Jr

    Motoring magazines. Is it just me?

    Firstly Happy Christmas and New Year to one and all. :thumb: So, my annual subscription for Car magazine expired last year and I didn't bother to renew it. I'm unsure why I didn't as I've been purchasing the magazine since 1981/82. Anyway, I purchased both December and January's editions for...
  5. The _Don

    Changes to motoring legislation in 2015
  6. F

    I've returned to V8 motoring

    Oh, and cracked my Mercedes duck too! Picking up my new (to me) S500L W221 on Monday. Slightly scary with the mpg, car tax and sheer value on the road, but it had to be done, and with an 8 mile commute I'm persuading myself that a petrol engine is better for the environment too :bannana:
  7. jukie

    Truly green motoring

    mercedes c230 sport kompressor | eBay :D
  8. tonyc280

    A happy Motoring Christmas to everyone

    Not seen any Christmas wishes on here so a happy Christmas and fabulous car cleaning new year. T.
  9. Palfrem

    Good motoring video site | Best Car Videos Collected! Has this been posted before ? Anyway, a nice collective site for Wheeler Dealers episodes, TG, 5th Gear etc
  10. ivandraganov

    European motoring

    Hi everybody,happy to be back from holiday in Europe.First picture is from Tuesday trip computer data-translated in English is around 1050 miles covered for 18 hours continuous driving.The second is from yesterday - 850 miles covered with 13 hours driving.Average speed around 63 mi/hour and...
  11. Lenny63

    My entry into AMG motoring

    C43 AMG :D Picked up from a fellow member (who was really accomodating - THANKS ;)) last week after a quick trip by flight and then the 4.5 hour road trip to the ferry port at Cairnryan back to Belfast I am in awe of the car - no other words can describe my delight. It has exceeded every...
  12. D

    Hydrogen Aston Martin makes motoring history

    Nuerburgring, Germany - An Aston Martin Rapide S powered by pure hydrogen has become the first car of its kind to compete in international racing and to complete an emission-free lap of a racing circuit, Germany's Autozeitung motoring journal reports. The historic drive came during a 24-hour...
  13. W

    Most respected motoring journalist or magazine

    Having had my SLK for a few weeks I was curious to remind myself what journalists also thought of it. So I went back and read the various reviews online. It was funny to read so many opinions that I didn't recognise. Obviously the journalists drive so many cars that their point of reference is...
  14. Dieselman

    Motoring fuel efficiency

    I was just reading about the E300 Hybrid and it mentions about the optional wheels making a difference to mpg. i was aware of this, but seeing it pointed out made me think more about it. So going up 1" in diameter makes 2mpg difference. It would be interesting to have some comparative...
  15. Tan

    Motoring Lawyer

    Hi One of my best friends has been involved in a motoring accident and though I don't know all the details, I am a little worried and think he should consult a specialist motoring solicitor, as it sounds as though it could get messy. Can anyone recommend a good solicitor or firm that...
  16. grober

    Sunday Times new motoring website

    The Sunday Times has launched a new motoring website. Sunday Times Driving | Find premium used cars for sale in the UK
  17. rsvgreg

    Welcome back to UK motoring

    Just back from a terrific holiday in the US where the Car (and in particular the V8) is very much still the King. So what I have come back to? Petrol at £1.42 a litre ( or £6.43 a UK Gallon) as opposed to $1.39 (a smaller) US Gallon (about 3.78 litres) for Premium Gas. At an exchange rate of...
  18. P

    1st MB in 30 yrs motoring

    Hi All, Posted this in another thread and was suggested that I include it here too, by way of an introduction: A few weeks ago I visited my local MB dealership to explore the dog-compatibility of recent E class saloons (I’d rather not have an estate), and concluded that I’d need split/fold...
  19. Mike Walker

    Bromley Pageant of Motoring

    On this weekend - see link below :thumb: About the Pageant.
  20. Dieselman

    Motoring/criminal legal advice

    Does anyone on here specialise in motoring/criminal/personal injury legal issues and would be prepared to give some advice, if so I'd like to discuss an issue via PM. I already have a general understanding, but would like specialist advice.
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