1. Lenny63

    w219 - motorised cd changer "front plate" won't open

    Hello all As title states , I went to open my cd changer front plate on my CLS last night and it won't open. It's been working absolutely fine until now, though the last time I inserted/rejected more cd's is approx 6 weeks ago To clarify , it's the motorised front that you push the...
  2. T

    W211 CD Changer Motorised door issue

    Guys My 53 W211 E270cdi has a motorised door, but no CD changer. Should this door still work, when pressing the button under the Hazzard switch? cos mine don't!! I have a cubby hole, in place of the CD changer, which would be handy for storage, if I could get the door working. Is this flip...
  3. Satch

    S211 multichanger motorised cover jammed

    and jammed half open, which is very annoying! Any ideas for quick fixes that do not involve brute force or ignorance?
  4. NW_Merc

    W202 motorised rear blind Going at a bargain price. :bannana:
  5. Flyer

    CH (Motorised Valve) Advice

    After some central heating advice please; tasked with sorting out g/f's CH problems :) Symptoms: boiler fires and provides hot water, but radiators do not get warm. Plumber advises that this motorised valve has failed: He has quoted £150+VAT to fit a new one, which appears a bit steep...
  6. janner

    Motorised AMG W124 spoiler

    Saw this on an AMG forum. Has anyone ever seen this? If I had an early W124 AMG kit it would have to have a motorised front spoiler :D
  7. jasohal

    Motorised Seatbelt holder

    Has anyone had the joy :-)) of ever changing one of these. I am talking about the plastic arm with the triangle loop at front which offers the seatbelt to the driver whenever the drivers door is opened and closed. Reason I want to change it is that it seems over time the seatbelt has...
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