1. I

    Motorola Bluetooth ViseeO

    In my ML I have a ViseeO thingy that clips into the Nokia cradle and bingo I'm bluetoothed :thumb: In my Lexus I have a prewired Motorola set up (for a little flip phone I think). Does anyone know if there's a bluetooth solution for this? Many thanks
  2. G

    Samsung galaxy 10.1 vs motorola xoom

    Lots of reviews on google, but interested to hear thoughts of forum members who may have compared to two and bought one.
  3. A

    Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn

    This is interesting news: BBC News - Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn It’s potentially a strange move by Google though – perhaps they’re trying to imitate MS too much? Who would have thought it, two of the largest Mobile handset manufacturers now owned by Software firms?
  4. 350_Coupe

    Motorola RAZR-V3/V3i UHI Phone Cradle

    Due to my recent acquisition and change to a ViseeO MB-2 (thanks BaldGuy) i have a Motorola RAZR-V3/V3i UHI Phone Cradle with BlueTooth surplus to requirements. It is fully working, and came in the car when i bought it, so only the cradle and instructions available, no box. This is a Genuine...
  5. F

    Motorola V3 UHI Phone Cradle

    Motorola Bluetooth V3 cradle for sale. Tested and Working £40 + £5 postage for the cradle . A Motorola V3 Mobile phone to fit the cradle also available in either black as pictured or pink. Both are used but good working condition. Ask for a price.
  6. I

    Help pairing Motorola V3x to ViseeO MB2

    I have just purchased a ViseeO MB2 for my '06 CLK and I cannot get it to pair with my Motorola V3x. I can pair a Nokia 6230 ok. I get to the screen asking me to select the device step 3 in the instructions, and then it goes off seeking (forever, well I cancel after 3-4mins). My ViseeO is brand...
  7. I

    Motorola phone cradle software

    I have a genuine MB bluetooth cradle for my Motorola V3i which uses bluetooth software version 1.1. I have a new phone that uses version 2.0 Does anyone know if the software can be upgraded, is so how etc thanks ingin
  8. M

    motorola rokr e8 music phone

    got this as an upgrade from orange before christmas, i used it for a week but im too used to nokias, had them for years. Ive put it on ebay but if anyone wants to do a trade for a nice nokia, id be interested...
  9. F

    Motorola V3 UHI Cradle Help

    Hey Guys, Bought a motorola v3 cradle off ebay and tried it in the car today with my V3 but no joy. It needs a pin for the bluetooth part and im having trouble working out what this is. Any ideas? Jason
  10. R

    For Sale: Brand New Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Unlocked

    I have for sale a brand spanking new, unlocked (not tied to any one network), Motorola RAZR 2 V8. Summary of features An ultra-slim design makes this the thinnest RAZR yet at 11.9mm. The reflective vacuumized metal and hardened glass front catches light and creates visual intrigue. The 2"...
  11. crockers

    Motorola V3 Bluetooth Cradle Problems

    :( Hi I have been using the above now for a few weeks with no problems - then today it just will not allow me to scroll through the phonebook or to see calls made / received etc. I haven't had any problems accessing this before but now ..... I have taken the cradle out and put it back in -...
  12. Performance

    Mobil phone SL 500 Motorola

    Hy, we have an MB SL500 / 2000 and it has an TDMA Motorola cellphone (like the old TANGO 300) and we to change it for a new GSM equipment. The question is: Somebody has made this switch of Phones? Cheers Performance
  13. crockers

    UHI cradle for Motorola V3

    Well I have got one coming - bought it on ebay for £65 instead of the £150 from a dealer....I will report on it later. My car came with one for a Sony Ericsson K700i and it was rubbish (I think it was the phone) so I bought one for my old nokia 6310i on ebay (£15) and that is perfect. So...
  14. G

    Motorola V3 RAZR UHI Cradle

    I got my V3 cradle on Saturday morning - initial findings as follows; It does have bluetooth and it seems to need the bluetooth connection for it to work - even if the phone is "docked". If you "dock" the phone without bluetooth active the phone will charge but you cannot make, receive calls or...
  15. BenzComander

    Sat Nav for Motorola A1000?

    I have a Motorola A1000 mobile phone, and a mate at work says there is free Sat Nav software available for them?? Looked on the net and can find loads of paid for software, but no free stuff:rolleyes: Any advice on where to look please, not interested in illegal stuff by the way:o
  16. WLeg

    Motorola V3i Software

    does anyone have a copy of this that they could lend me - It's the sync software with Outlook I need. Thanks.
  17. NW_Merc

    Mercedes C class motorola car phone
  18. S

    New bluetooth and a Motorola V3

    Has anyone managed to get a Motorola V3 to work with the new blue tooth interface ? Thanks Matt
  19. amwebby

    Motorola International 2700

    My 2000 CL500 (recently purchased) was fitted from the factory with what the build sheet describes as a 'D-net telephone integrated'. From the handbook left behind it would appear this was a Motorola International 2700. When I phoned my local Mercedes dealer to enquire after fitting a later...
  20. R

    Motorola Mobile Phone Desktop Software

    Hi Guys, I've seen a few threads in this section about mobiles recently and I thought I'd ask for some advice too. Its upgrade time again, and I'm strongly tempted by the Motorola V3i for its combination of flippiness and light weight, however, I will only go for it if the phone management...
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