1. S

    Gc motors

    Hello anyone had any dealings with g c motors at Harrogate? Going Saturday to view a a45 any info please regards sy
  2. J

    Fantastic service at LTG Motors Letchworth

    I have been looking for a decent specialist in Hertfordshire since I bought my CL500 in September and I was recommended LTG Motors by friend with a W221 S500. I took the car in for a full service and inspection and I was blown away by their professionalism and service, not to mention the great...
  3. A

    W124 Coupe Memory Seat Base or motors

    Looking for the memory motors ( 3 off) to fit a W124 coupe seat base. Will consider whole seat ( colour/condition not important as long as the motors function correctly). Thanks, Andy
  4. tmwsccsh

    1995 SL 500 Window Motors

    Hi all, So, after having the roof control module replaced, that now moves as we would expect, but the window motors are shot - looks like the sensor that detects the position for the final closure of the roof (and the auto-drop as you open the door) is gone on both sides so the roof cycle can...
  5. gbjeppm

    Mercedes 126 SEC Seat, Seat Motors and Armrest

    Mercedes 126 SEC Seat, Motors and Armrest for sale on Ebay, not looking for big money, just need the room Mercedes SEC 126 Passenger Seat Electric in Grey (Including Seat Motors) | eBay Mercedes w126 SEC Centre Arm Rest, 420, 500, 560 SEC Armrest | eBay PM me, if you are interested.
  6. Ronan1982

    Platinum Motors - Paint Work

    Hi Guys, I own a 63 Reg C220I Coupe Amg Sport Plus. Colour Palladium Silver. I am looking to get the Rear Bumper (Slight Mark) And the Boot Lid (due to a tiny Ding) and also the Bonnet and Front Bumper due to stone Chips over time. Might get the door sills blown over also due to light marks...
  7. steve333

    Norman motors Poole

    As per title,has anyone used Norman motors,if so any feedback please.
  8. nordicmatter

    Anyone on here bought my old c63 from GC Motors.

    Anyone on here bought my old C63 estate 14 plate in diamond white black 19"s. I Sold it to GC motors in Yorkshire. I still have the remap. Mark
  9. K

    H&C Motors Ltd Maidstone

    I have been using H&C Motors to look after my 2010 E350. They specialise in Mercedes and BMW. The service they provide is excellent and well priced, the workshop is clean, even the loo is immaculate! Steve & Gary are very fair in their dealings and will not recommend work that is unnecessary...
  10. Stratman

    Motors TV

    Just noticed this after yet another retune. Freeview channel 71, wall to wall motor racing. Literally at the moment as it's Nascar.
  11. M

    430PS Mercedes A45 AMG by GAD Motors

    Looks good but I would go for a different color. from the article: The main focus was on squeezing additional horsepower from the four-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine which in its standard configuration develops 360 PS (265 kW) and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft). By remapping the...
  12. A

    W124 Headlight Wiper Motors

    A working pair of headlight wiper motors for a W124 wanted, please. Thanks, Andy
  13. Allybasher

    W124 headlight wiper motors

    Anyone got a pair of fully functional wiper motors to fit a 1989 W124 they don't want?
  14. S

    CLK208 & CLK209 roof motors

    I thought you guys might be interested in the following link which will save you a small fortune if you've been unlucky enought to have had a roof fail on either a W208 or W209 cabriolet roof,ouch! Roofmotors - The UK's Premier roof motor supplier [email protected]
  15. Kris-H

    Trident Motors, Uxbridge - Good guys

    Had my (new to me) W210 serviced and checked over by Steve and the team at Trident Motors. Did a good job with the service and diagnosing a MAF fault and fixed a couple of other things I wanted done on the car. Very friendly and knowledgeable and happy to discuss whether original or...
  16. W

    The 20 most popular new motors of 2013

    Top 20 biggest selling cars of 2013 | This is Money Marque 2013 Sales % Market Share Abarth 807 0.06 Alfa Romeo 3,163 0.24 Aston Martin 575 0.04 Audi 84,528 6.38 Bentley 727 0.05 BMW 73,604 5.55 Chevrolet 7,465 0.56 Chrysler 1,551 0.12 Citroen 48,516 3.66 Dacia 8,297 0.63 Fiat...
  17. W

    How German cars beat British motors - and kept going

    I'm sure forums have done this topic to death, but it's still an interesting read. BBC News - How German cars beat British motors - and kept going
  18. J

    C43 Amg seat motors,door panels,switches for sale

    well as some of you might know im in the process of swapping the leather from a set of C43 amg alcantara seats which are electric over to my non electric sports interior so have a few bits going. I havent posted any prices as i have no idea.. someone im sure will point me in the right...
  19. I

    Motors Dealers & MOT Advisories

    Evening all If buying a car from a dealer who agrees to put a 12 month MOT on the car which throws up a couple of advisories would you expect these items to be rectified before taking delivery? One item in particular relates to brake pipe corrosion which is slightly concerning. Thanks
  20. S


    Hi! Would like to greet everyone on the forum! Just registered today! I am Carlo Salamone. My father and i run SSmotors in Weybridge Surrey. I have been with SSmotors for 13 yrs now working on the shop floor carrying out Diagnostics and repairs to MB vehicles. Doing my apprenticeship through...
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