1. D

    Vito 113cdi auto vibration on motorway

    My 2012 vito dualiner auto has an annoying vibration that starts around 65mph / 100kmh... had wheel balance checked..same; had prop shaft removed, checked and balanced (balance in spec, just 10g added). Also changed rear diff oil. Same. Has been like this since I bought the van 5k miles ago...
  2. A

    Vibration at motorway speeds

    I have some rather annoying vibrations in the car which start at around 70mph and get worse up to and beyond 80mph. Car is a w203 C350, 77,000 miles. I've had the wheels checked for dents, and the front nearside wheel does have a very small dent (pothole casualty), but according to the local...
  3. clk320x

    Motorbike on motorway telling me to stop

    Was driving down M1 today towards London, speed reduced to 40. I was in the middle lane. A man on a motorbike with a green jacket (no police markings etc) with a go-pro on helmet aggressively came next to my car and started beeping me to pullover whilst screaming. He then tried to make me pull...

    Smart Motorway Cameras....

    They do work then, never quite understood idiots pushing me from behind when i have cruise set at limit, then they clearly go over the limit:crazy:, bet they are not smiling few days letter when the post arrives:rolleyes::doh: Apparently covered on the One Show tonight 7pm BBC1...making lots...
  5. bob6600

    Vehicle damaged on motorway

    Wife's car, travelling down the M6 last week (J2-J3). Weather was temperamental and it started raining it hard reducing visibility. Now she is a sensible driver and slowed down keeping her distance from the vehicle in front. She then hears a loud bang and feels something hitting the car...
  6. D

    Lorry crashed into me on motorway :(

    Hi All Was just after some advice, recently been involved in a accident with a lorry, it merged into the back corner of my car causing the car to spin out and hit another car. I've never been involved in a accident before so just wanted some advice, I've reported it to the insurers and its now...
  7. dan-mb

    Driving points/ban 100+mph on motorway

    Has any one any experience of getting caught speeding over 100mph on the motorway? Likely penalty/ban for driving in access of 100mph on the motorway? I got pulled over by an unmarked X5 on the M6 speeding. Issued with a traffic offense report. :confused::doh:
  8. ItalianTuneUp

    Joining a dual carriageway or motorway

    I've had two recent cases of cars attempting to join the dual carriageway as I was driving along in the left lane. They both seemed to expect, and try to force me to move into the right hand lane to let them in. In both cases the right hand lane was occupied. Have others here had the same thing...
  9. M

    Motorway Information not displayed

    I just purchased an approved used 2012 (62) plate S350. Despite checking the option in the Navigation menu, motorway information is not displayed when driving on motorways. Also, date and time are not displayed on the COMMAND screen The software version is 2012. Can someone pls advise
  10. MD5

    Motorway lane discipline - would these help?

    As per title, but probably a budget buster. How about gantry signage?
  11. S

    best mph for mpg motorway driving

    Hey people what motorway speeds do you find your car at its best MPG (state what mercedes too) I cant drive at 60mph its just too slow :D C Class Coupe 220 CDI 7G at 72 mph i get around 54 mpg
  12. K

    leaving the motorway

    This is most emphatically not a rant: I make a rule never to let the behaviour of other road users wind me up. However, in the spirit of informed debate here I offer the following - Motorway - it doesn't matter which one. Light-ish traffic, most of it in the outer two lanes, naturally. Yours...
  13. dan-mb

    Lamborghini Huracan Motorway crash 200mph+

    What a waste of a Lambo...hope the occupants were ok.
  14. F

    e350 screeching sound when turning left/vibration on motorway

    just picked up a 59 plate e350 less then a week ago, on the drive home on the motorway at times around 80mph there was vibration on the steering could feel it on the seat as well so I thought might just need wheel balance but now I have realised when I turn the steering left there is a...
  15. R

    What's your motorway (autobahn) cruising speed?

    Assume you live in Germany, what speed are you comfortable at for extended periods i.e. cruising? I've driven 155mph many times but my comfortable cruising speed is 100mph. You may say that's psychological being 30mph over UK limit or just a nice round number. But I'm also uncomfortable...
  16. S

    Saw a new motorway driving technique at the weekend

    Driving on two lane stretch of A1M, guy in an old BMW 3 series comes hurtling up behind me while I'm sitting behind 7-8 other cars at ~70mph in overtaking lane with the first car is overtaking a couple of lorries and a national express coach. Guy in BMW keeps dropping back a car length and then...
  17. ItalianTuneUp

    60mph motorway speed limit plan shelved: M1 / M3

    "Plans to impose a 60mph speed limit on parts of the M3 and M1 motorways to cut air pollution have been put on hold."
  18. R

    280 cdi elegance cutting out on motorway

    help - my 7 year old 100k miles 280 CDI estate keeps cutting out for no apparent reason. It also has rev surges although the two do not necessarily happen at the same time. Once the car has stopped it restarts immediately.
  19. R

    Up to £10k fine for speeding on motorway Seems a bit extreme but prompted me to ask a question: are national speed limits now enforced by cameras on some motorways eg M25 in Kent? I saw the new Hadecs3 cameras flashing when variable speed limits were not switched on. I'd estimate the car in...
  20. Chrishazle

    French Motorway Prepay Cards

    Just got this from Eurotunnel : Did you know, Sanef Tolling, the French motorway operator has now extended its Liber-t automatic toll payment service to UK motorists, allowing you to pre-purchase your tag before you embark on your travels to France. And, what’s more we have...
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