1. pmcgsmurf

    W212 2010 Panoramic Roof Left/Right Moulding Removal

    Hi folks W212 2010 E250 CDI Anyone help with how the left & right mouldings (A2126902882 & A2126902982) for the Panoramic Roof are removed? Looks like there may be a clip at the front and it may just pop on but I don't want to start pulling things. Can't see any securing clips or bolts...
  2. Grey Area

    W202 wing moulding clips... Help me find some!

    Hi all, need some help finding the above. Think I may have sourced some from ebay, but it says they're not compatible with w202's. However, I'm like 90% sure they're what I'm after. Here's the link. The other day I was reading a thread and someone posted a link to an ebay shop that seemed to...
  3. L

    Rubber Moulding- Advice/Help Please

    I am in the process of restoring a 1937 Austin and need 2 rubber grommet type things which are unobtainable. They are round with 1/2 inch dia hole with one side thicker than the other. How could I set about moulding replacements? They have to be semi-hard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. adile220

    1996 W124 Coupe Rear Bumper Moulding

    After a rear bumper moulding for my w124 coupe e220. Please email on [email protected] if you have one available. Based in South London. Regards. adil
  5. R

    Door Moulding for W168 facelift

    Looking to replace the mouldings on front doors (marked 150 here), got part numbers, but not sure which are which - don't want any fake wood or hideous shiny chrome things. Unfortunately, can't find any pictures or description to go with part numbers: A1687200122 /222 /322 /422 /522 /622 Same...
  6. aka$h

    W210 front bumper moulding

    I need a drivers side front bumper moulding for my w210. Needs to have holes for pdc and be off a facelift car. Colour is not important.
  7. T

    124 bumper moulding

    If i remember correctly someone was looking for one of these recently. MERCEDES 200 W124 84 > 89 FRONT BUMPER MOULDING BLACK * on eBay (end time 30-Sep-10 18:33:28 BST)
  8. M

    Rear light and front bumper moulding

    Im looking to buy rear lights and both front bumper moulding (with parking sensor holes) for my clk 230 (2001, silver, convert). I am new to the world of clk :), please advise....
  9. IMD

    What colour is my W124 body moulding?

    Hi all, I have just purchased a W124 1995 e200 estate in Blue / Black that I'm currently bringing back to life. I am replacing the front and rear bumper inserts, as the originals were cracked and one of the MOT failure items. I am going to spray these myself, but wondered what colour they...
  10. B

    Clips for moulding c180

    Just got the clips for the moulding ( bottom of the door ) from mb and they gave me the female of the clip,and no male.Any ideas.They say mb that i would have to buy the full moulding if i want the male.:confused: :rock:
  11. B

    Moulding c180

    Hi all, The moulding on my c180 is broke,or should i say the two front clips have come away from the body and when i took them out i found them v hard to get them (clips)to go back in to place,The mouldings as i call them run along the bottom of the car.Any Ideas :rolleyes:
  12. M

    Moulding Soft Top

    My W208 Cab has some patches of light mould on the roof. Can any members suggest ways of cleaning it. The blue roof feels to me slightly faded adn may do with a littler restore, however I dont want to do anything drastic.
  13. PeterE320Cdi

    W/S210 Rear Armrest Damaged by plastic moulding

    Evening All, When I was cleaning the car I noticed that the rear armrest has a large dent which looks like it will turn into a split soon. It is caused by pressing onto a plastic moulding when closed, photo attached. My question is this, with a 210 E-class estate is this normal or is it that...
  14. Howard

    Bumper Moulding W203 Just down the road from me !!
  15. Ian B Walker

    Body moulding

    I have a need to re fit a plastic panel on my W124 260E. The panel in question is behind the front right hand wheel, just below the indicator side repeater (see siggy pic). Mine seems to have crept froward about 1/4 of an inch and is catching my wheel. Having looked at it I am not sure on how...
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