1. L

    A Class (2006) Door Mouldings

    Hi Ive just clipped a wall, two questions, (1) is there a proper name for the plastic mouldings that run aross the external of the doors? (2) how are they fitted? Or how do I remove? Ta
  2. P

    w211 bumper mouldings

    Hi does anyone know how to remove the front bumper mouldings on my 2004 w211 e320, I need to access my parking sensors if possible some pics please. Kevin :dk:
  3. simon1966

    W211 - WIS instructions for front and rear bumper removal and side mouldings

    W211 - WIS instructions needed for front and rear bumper removal and side mouldings Hi All I'm about to embark on some work on my car including re-painting both bumpers and possibly de-chroming the side mouldings. I wondered if anyone on here has access to WIS and can post up the stages...
  4. cellarmerc

    W210 How to remove the mouldings (along side of doors) and bumpers trim

    Hi, I want to take off the trim mouldings on my w210 estate that go along the doors and continue onto the bumper in order to paint them from scratches from cars opening their doors etc, is this easy , how do you remove the bumber ones and also the moulding strips on the doors? One other thing...
  5. tpwuk

    W208 Wheel Arch Mouldings

    Back in the 90's I used to drive a C36 AMG. It had black rubber wheel arch mouldings. I kind of liked them. :) Does anyone know if these are available for the W208? If not, would the C-Class ones fit? Thanks
  6. gurpz

    W124 Facelift Bumpers Mouldings & Trim

    Any very early pre-facelift W124 owners out there that are looking for a later W124 look:
  7. B

    can i paint my mouldings?

    Just wondering if i could paint my garnish moldings (professionally of course!) If so what type of paint should i be looking at (originally these molds were a black satin colour) thanks
  8. B

    Garnish Mouldings?

    Im looking to replace the "black satin" runners that go along the bottom of each window...these are garnish moldings i think? Am i correct?
  9. B

    W202 Body Mouldings

    Anyone know where to obtain the chrome 'Elegance' style body mouldings to fit and update my W202 1998 c-class. Thanks.
  10. Howard

    Grey door mouldings

    Hi chaps, anyone got any idea if i can get a touch up for the grey panels on the lower door mouldings , and under the bumpers on a w124 ce? The car is white and the lower door mouldings are a very light grey, ive just reversed into a low post and scratched under the rear bumper near the exhaust...
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