1. Y

    W639 Rear diff mount bushes

    Hi. The bushes in the bracket that mounts the (rear of the) Diff to the chassis (and takes up drive torque/resists diff twisting), have perished. Are these available separate to the aluminium holder ? They have the part number (as best as I can make out) A 639 988 05 10 but googling this...
  2. A

    External spare wheel mount for Vito

    Hi. I've just bought a 2006 Vito Compact and want to mount a spare wheel on the outside rear of the van (has a bottle of gunk instead of a spare at the moment). Anyone done this before? Thanks, Alex
  3. Braincrank

    transmission mount .....

    Has anyone got any tips and / or tricks how to get the top bolt of the transmission mount ?? I think it's a 19 spanner but it's a pig and a half for accessibility .....
  4. D

    N/S engine mount C350 CDI

    Hi all, Iv changed my o/s engine mount which was completely shot, very straight forward and simple to do so. Assuming the driver side would also be in bad condition, but not much movement upon testing. So will be changing this for peace of mind anyway. Looking at the driver side mount...
  5. A

    Number plates window mount

    See a car the other day with his front number plate displayed in his window, didn't think nothing more of it, but just lately I must of seen half dozen driving around with the number plates in the front screen. Is this something new trend that's sweeping the car scene and is it illegal :eek...
  6. clk320x

    Flush mount fascia

    Anyone know where a flush mount fascia for a double din radio can be ordered? Can't find one for a CLK with the new style dash. Cheers
  7. vijilants

    OM642 W204 Engine mount replacement video

    Great video on replacing OM642 engine mount....this guy's tutorials are excellent !!!
  8. spinaltap

    Windscreen GPS Lightning Mount?

    I've just upgraded from an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 6S. I had been using a TomTom windscreen mount (with 30 pin connection) - with integral amplification - alongside my 4S for GPS duties. Now that I've upgraded to a 6S, there doesn't appear to be a similar windscreen mount with a Lightning...
  9. D

    Phone mount/cradle for c350e

    I've just taken delivery of my C350e Estate and am loving it so far. However, I really really want to have my phone mounted on the dash somewhere so that I can continue to use Waze as it's much better than the built-in Sat Nav. I've looked at Brodit Proclips and they only have one that...
  10. whitenemesis

    Mount Fuji .....

    ...... Apparently :dk: :D After days of clear blue skies and 24c the weather has closed in on us now we're in the mountains.:( Still we caught a glimpse of Mt Fuji last evening during our cruise on Lake Ashi. So, on to Matsumoto castle, should be quite atmospheric :D
  11. E

    '04 E Class number plate mount part number

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. The front number plate and its mounting from my '04 E55K estate is somewhere on the motorway between home and where I now am, 250 miles from home. White Fablon and an indelible marker has sorted out a jury-rigged plate so the car is legal-ish, because of...
  12. T

    Mount spare wheel on Vito rear barn door?

    This is gonna sound sad. But.. I need a solution. I will be carrying foodstuffs, all sealed and packaged (importing to U.K. from Spain) using my Vito. It's a SWB/compact and as such the spare is currently stored internally over the NSR wheel arch. I want to put it on the back door. I'm...
  13. M

    CD Slot Mount Hi Has anyone used one / had one? Thinking about one for my tablet (satnav) in my W204. Any opinions welcome. Cheers Mark.
  14. R

    W124 Phone mount

    Hello all, I knocked up this in an hour on Saturday and it works like a dream. Satnav, phone, music all available on the dash board. Advantages: Low cost (€5), neat and unobtrusive. Disadvantages: Specific to one phone, I didn't finish off the surround very well. Parts needed: Phone cover...
  15. P

    Transmisson mount symptom help (W211)

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what sort of symptoms one might expect to have if your transmission mount is knackered? I know what the ENGINE mount symptoms are, but not really sure of the trans mount. Thanks Phil
  16. ioweddie

    Follow the route up Mount Everest

  17. 350_Coupe

    Rare W203 interior phone mount panel

    don't see many of these, unlike the add-on mount that fits down to the left of the heating control area and screws to the centre console, this one replaces the entire panel to the side of the glove box, and has a redesigned face panel that is angled towards the driver. (some come with the UHI...
  18. D

    s124 rear axle front subframe mount

    One of these, the driver's side, is in a terminal condition. The curved triangular mount is on the point of coming away from the chassis. The chassis "looks" okay but only once the joint is cleaned up to bare metal will all become clear. I am thinking that if the rear subframe/axle needs to be...
  19. O

    W204 Euro Front License Plate Mount

    Hello all, I have a question and a huge favor to ask of anybody who would be willing to do me the favour. I am located in the United States, and it is basically impossible to locate the black piece used to mount the Euro license plates to the front of the vehicle. I own a 2012 Mercedes-Benz...
  20. astamir

    16 mm box end engine mount tool

    Hi guys As per title needed a tool for engine mount replacement either to hire or to buy Its a short 16mm box end wrench Thanks
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