1. D

    Mountain Grey Metallic vs Selenite Grey Metallic

    Is Mountain Grey metallic lighter or darker than Selenite Grey? Noticed Mountain is available on the A class but not the C class. Think the Selenite Grey is a much newer colour?
  2. A

    Mountain Bike for sale

    Hi I have a Claud Buttler for sale Suspension front and back all adjustable with the fronts lockable 27 gears new disc's pads and tyres fitted 6 month ago Cost me £520.00 will sell for £200.00 It's also got trip computer mud gaurds and cateye lights, will throw these in as well...
  3. M

    2013(63) mercedes b180 cdi amg sport blueefficiency automatic mpv mountain grey

    Full Details Mercedes C180 1.8 BlueEfficiency AMG Sport Estate Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 9th June 2009 – 09 Reg • One Owner From New • 28,373 miles only with Full Mercedes Dealer Service History (see below) • 1.8 Litre...
  4. A

    Claud Buttler mountain bike

    For sale full suspension front and back fully adjustable rear and lock off front for road use, disc's brakes front and back, 27 gears Cats eye LED lights front and back worth £50 Cats eye trip/speedo mud gaurds and pump £60 And I'll even throw in a repair kit lol Total cost of the bike and...
  5. M

    'Protective strips' for my 'Mountain grey' A class

    Getting excited as my A class delivery is just 1.5 month away...!! After a recent car park knock keen to get some sort of 'protective strips' for my 'Mountain grey' A class, especially while parking narrow super market car parks. Any one used or can suggest quality item which could last...
  6. W

    C63 plays on the Mountain Circuit IOM

    Hello All just said hello in the new boy bit - but now see there is an AMG bit too....... shot this last viewed through good speakers......does the love of that V8 sound ever wear off........I think not! AMG IOM 1 - YouTube Wylie
  7. jamesfuller

    mountain bike for sale

    As I know there are some cyclists on here I though I would offer it here first. Its a Kinesis (large) custom built with rockshox air forks inc pump, XTR transmission, hydraulic floating discs. Since the photos where taken it has new Easton ec90 carbon post, bars and carbon seat, Kore stem and...
  8. karlos280

    What price broardman comp 2010 mountain bike

    Hi I'm going to look at a 2010 broardman comp mountain bike which is for sale Cost new now £519 from halfords For sale at £300 Ono What would it be worth now Condition good I'm all new to Mtb so not sure Any help would be good Thanks
  9. Darrell

    Mountain bikes.

    I am looking at buying one. My criteria goes as such. Nice and light, lots of gears, disc brakes, quick release wheels and must look ok. I am 6 ft and about 12.5 stone. I don't need rear suspension as I am not going into the mountains. It is just for road (to get fit) and nipping through...
  10. jamesfuller

    Ideal truck for mountain bikes

  11. N

    Mountain bike wheels?

    Anyone know anything about them? Without having to change anything else, will a 26" rear wheel with 8 gears work on a bike with a 26" rear wheel which has 6 gears? TIA.
  12. nigel cross

    Apple mountain lion

    Has anyone upgraded their Imac to mountain lion? Was it worth while? Did your performance increase?
  13. Godot

    Snowmobile 0 : 1 Mountain

  14. O

    not MB related but mountain bike Wanted

    not MB related but mountain bike Wanted Edinburgh Hello, Anyone in/ around Edinburgh has a mountain bike that they don't use anymore, that is collecting dust and would like to give away? I could do with a 2 wheels. Be great for my knees. If you never ask you never know. Thank you. Olivier
  15. A

    Mountain climbing

    Mountain climbing with Mercedes
  16. mymini007

    Any mountain bikers on here?

    As above really, I like to get out on the bike of a weekend, and get a bit muddy, anyone else.
  17. M

    Mountain bike size

    I am looking to buy a mountain bike, I have seen various websites stating different sizes recommended for my inside leg 32" most say 18 or 20 frame size. I am looking for a hardtail bike.
  18. alanuk400

    2001 astra Location: limavady mountain

    Just found this on Gumtree :eek: 2001 astra 1 limavady mountain Belfast used cars Alan
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Mountain bike buying advice

    Im after a new Mountain bike as my trusty 1999 Trek Y3 finally died, as ive had it so long im slightly out of touch on the bike scene. My choices are: GT Avalanche 1.0 (2009) in ether L or XL for £400 Features: Hydraulic disc brakes + Shimano PDM-520n pedals or GT Avalanche 3.0 (2009) in...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Mountain Bike part needed

    My ancient 1999 Trek Y3 suspension bike has started to wobble at the pivotbolt/washers section. I have tried all my local bike shops, and emailed Trek US to ask if the part is still in stock all without luck. Anyone have any Idea where I can get the pivotbolt? 4 years ago the same...
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