1. gramey

    R129 SL front bumper mounting?

    Last night I reversed into a parking area and there was what I thought was a very shallow drop. Despite going very slowly it turned out to be enough to catch the trailing edge of my front bumper. It not only caused minor damage to the bumper but pulled out one of the push pin fixings. When I...
  2. S

    2013 E250 rear brake caliper mounting bolt access

    I'm replacing the brake disks and pads on my 2013 E250 Coupe. I did the fronts no problem and had intended to do the rears last weekend, however the upper caliper mounting bolt is obscured by a vertical tie bar of some sort, and clearance is limited such that you can't get a 37mm long 18mm 1/2"...
  3. L

    ML W163 fog lamp mounting trim

    Have to replace the bumper on my facelift 03 W163 the plastic frame/trim that secures the ns fog lamp is smashed. Searching has thrown up a part no 163 820 11 12. apart from MB genuine any one know where to get one fairly quickly, wifey wants her car back and I dont want to have to take the...
  4. R129Melvin

    R129 Woofer Mounting Depth

    Anyone know the mounting depth possible on the large 6.5'' woofer in the lower door on a late model R129 (door card with fabric). Also, I understand I can change that speaker without removing the whole door card, can anyone guide me on this? Thanks
  5. S

    W202 C230K - R/R Engine Mountings

    I have bought Lemforder engine mountings for my W202 C230K, and intended to replace them today. For the life of me, I couldn't find a way to remove the right hand side (driver side) engine mount. Vehicle is RHD, and the supercharger and steering gear make it basically impossible to turn the top...
  6. P

    W220 Airmatic mounting bracket

    Hi All Does anyone have a mounting bracket that the airmatic pump mounts onto? MB part number A 220 320 00 43 Ive sheared the bolts on my one when i took the pump off. Thanks in advance Prit
  7. F

    W220 Airmatic Compressor Mounting Bracket

    Hi, everyone..I am in need of the metal mounting bracket for the air compressor for a W220 (2000 MY) Airmatic Suspension, please...the vertical mounting studs, where the rubber bushes are, have sheared on mine :-( Thanks, Frank
  8. D

    Buzz rattle from externl lights switch mounting

    Hello, I've had my new C200 Sport [W205] for 3 weeks now. From collection, I have suffered an annoying and very frequent 'buzz'-type rattle emanating from the external lights switch installation. It is typically repeatable by driving over cat eyes at speeds above circa 50 mph. A gentle...
  9. Codger49

    W209 Seat mounting bolts question

    Perhaps a more technically aware member could advise me: Car is a 2006 W209 coupe, newly acquired. Wife is complaining that the passenger seat (Manual, only driver side is electric) is too low. I see the seat runners are fastened to the floor with 4x M10x28 bolts. Can I get a height increase...
  10. johnsco

    E300td .... Exhaust mounting question

    For some time I've had a bit of an exhaust rattle from beneath the E300TD saloon. Though it was one of those heat shields .... But Not-so. Back from the particulate filter, there's a hanger bracket. The two bolts in this had worked very-loose ... finger tight ... Hence the rattle. I...
  11. sherco450

    w639 vito rear speaker mounting

    lm looking at installing speakers to the rear . preferably tail gate area. The panelling seems quite flimsy . and possibly not that deep. l need the under seat void to slide building materials in, and the rear sides l have the spare wheel on the left and tools on right. So the tail gate is the...
  12. M

    Rear number plate mounting bolts

    Factory rear plate has been replaced by supplying dealer with my private plate, lazily fixed using just the top two securing holes. Plate also includes dealers name & logo & as I'm not being paid to be their mobile advertisement am replacing plate devoid of all adverts or those blue EU badges...
  13. K

    Hand brake mounting on back plate

    Oh dear I was having problems with my hand brake holding the car. I called into my local garage and after inspecting the brakes, he told me the bad news. It would appear that the mounting brackets securing the brake had as he put it crumbled like biscuits. They managed to secure the brake to the...
  14. G

    Brabus D6 mounting point

    Hi Guys, Just fitted a D6 box I got off ebay (really umber chuffed with it), the instructions say to route the cable through bulkhead and mount the box behind the dashboard... as I want it to be a easier to remove I've mounted it on top of the fuse box. It does get very hot do you guys reckon...
  15. T

    W211 E270CDI TPMS Display Mounting

    Guys, I would like to mount my aftermarket mini USB powered TPMS display, beside my rear view mirror, in my W211 E270CDI. I will need to hard wire a mini USB connector into the mirror housing. i need a perm, & ignition live. I know there are electrics in the mirror housing, but before I...
  16. R

    W124 Manual Aerial Mounting

    Hi, Last night, I've started repairing some rust which surrounds my aerial on my rear 1/4, it's quite widespread inside the panel and it's clear that it's not watertight. On further inspection, someone has completely bodged it when fitting. Trouble is, I don't know how it should be mounted...
  17. G

    Sorry guys another problem, caliper Mounting Bracket Guide Pin threads stripped??

    Sorry to make another thread...but I ran into another problem, it's been a long day. For some reason, and only on the driver side, one of the holes where the caliper guide pin goes into the bracket were completely stripped of its threads. The pin itself is fine. I don't know how or when this...
  18. G

    Caliper Mounting Bolts Seized (i think)...what to do?

    So I put aside the entire day to start replacing my brakes and rotors on my w202 c230k. Everything is going well, caliper comes off, pads come off, spray everything with brake cleaner. Now I'm about to unscrew the big caliper mounting bolts to get the rotor off and the damn things won't...
  19. V12

    209 CLK front bumper license plate mounting plate

    A209 817 0578 Retail price £53.76 £15.
  20. 300CE

    Laupunkt cms265 active sub-woofer 100w slim under seat mounting (bin £20.00)

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