1. C

    R171 SLK 200 Mouse attack! Wiring diagram for Brake booster plug requested

    We've left the car parked for several months at my uncles warehouse... I wish I was joking but a bloody mouse has munched through the wiring to the brake booster's sender right at the multi plug.... ...And the furry little sod has nicked about 6 inches of loom So I've got several bare wires...
  2. vijilants


    Mercedes-c-class-w202-bas-control-unit-a025-545-4732 For Sale... MERCEDES C CLASS W202 BAS CONTROL UNIT A025 545 4732 incuding Servo sensor. Grab yourself a bargain... £15 + £8 postage and packing
  3. flying haggis

    need a new mouse?

    not me selling, just came across it CLICK Car Mouse - Mercedes SL 300 | eBay
  4. E

    Apple magic mouse & bluetooth keyboard

    Brand new wrapped in box. £75 delivered free! (no offers)
  5. E

    Apple wireless keyboard & magic mouse

    Apple Wireless keyboard & mouse | eBay
  6. E

    Apple keyboard & magic mouse

    New....wrapped...boxed! £75 Delivered free! For sale elsewhere so don't waste time.
  7. E

    Apple magic mouse & keyboard

    Never used & wrapped in there box. iMac was replaced so no need for two lots of key/mouse. This is connected through bluetooth so may work with windows PC's but please do your homework as im not 100% sure on this! £80 delivered free (no offers) also on Gumtree! :thumb:
  8. N

    Need receiver: Logitech EX 100 Cordless keyboard & mouse

    I've been given a new, boxed Logitech EX 100 cordless keyboard & mouse which had 'never been opened'. The USB wireless receiver appears to have evaporated out of the box & so kb & m are useless. Strange, because it does look like it's never been opened. Anyhoo, I think this is what originally...
  9. Alex

    Mouse in my car

    Guys, I think I have a mouse in my car. Today when going around a couple of roundabouts I heard her squeak under the dash and then front passenger seat. Perhaps of the g-force as she was quiet in a straight line. Any idea how to get her out of the car? Ideally without touching the damn thing...
  10. A

    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic mouse Boxed

    New Apple keyboard and Magic mouse. Bluetooth. Box and new came as std with an iMac and not required. £75 inc postage payment as a Paypal gift please PM me.
  11. whitenemesis

    Logitech Touch Mouse for iPhone/iPad

    This looks interesting :cool: New Logitech Touch Mouse Turns Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Wireless Trackpad and Keyboard | BLogitech
  12. JumboBeef

    Mouse graveyard

    I have a stone barn. It is weather tight, and I have a workshop in there, plus coal store, log store, oil tank, other storage etc etc. During the summer, I never see any mice in there. During the winter (this happened last year and now it happening again this year), mice seem to go in there...
  13. Spinal

    Mouse in my air filter...

    So I just got my bike back from the dealership as it was due for a major service (belts, brake disks and the whole 9-yards - oh and the MOT). Two of the more interesting items that were noted on the jobsheet were: "Air intake contaminated with mice droppings" "Air filter contaminated with...
  14. P

    Mickey Mouse Parktronic

    Hi, Does anybody here know a crowd called AB Solutions in Bury. Guy there apparently is Nick? Would be interested to know of any experiences with them, as they have totally failed to deliver on the retrofit of a factory parktronic system on my partners SLK (they were chosen and instructed...
  15. A

    Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

    Offered here before it goes on Fleabay Logitech MX Revolution Mouse Stunning mouse - once you've used one, you'll wonder how you managed without it :) This was supplied as a warranty replacement by Logitech for one of my older mice (MX1000) but I'd already bought myself a Revolution...
  16. glojo

    Dodgy Mouse

    I have a wired USB Microsoft 3000 optical mouse, but whenever a nearby mobile telephone rings the mouse dies (technical talk) the red optical light switches off and the icon thingie doesn't move. the only way for the for little mouse to work is to unplug the lead and re-insert it into the...
  17. High-Lo

    Using the scroll wheel mouse button in IE7

    Just upgraded to IE7 and have found an annoying feature that was not in IE6. Does anyone know if there is any way to disable the feature in IE7 where you click on the scroll wheel of your mouse and it opens the link in a new window/tab? I'm finding it very frustrating :( Thanks in...
  18. guydewdney

    Affordable haptic / 3d mouse / stylus etc?

    Probably one for andy K.. Trying to find a tablet, in 3D - a pen-on-a-stick or similar for doing 3D design work. The cheapest I have found so far is £1,300 :eek: Any ideas? Dont necessarily need force feedback..
  19. andy_cyp

    Amg Mouse......... hehehehehe
  20. L

    Help please- frozen mouse

    Can anyone help please? When I am online for varying periods, the mouse freezes and the only cure seems to be to restart pc. It seems to happen when I go to type something in (this is the 3rd try to complete this query) Is it a faulty mouse problem ( ie I need to replace mouse) or is it...
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