1. horsesuitedfool

    Moved to USA and bought a C63 & GL550...

    Hi everyone... I haven't been on here for a long time... I used to have a couple of mercs in the UK, then had a couple of BMWs and Audis.... then I moved to USA in January with my job for a couple of years and thought I would go back to Mercs. I bought a C63 AMG 2010 and GL550 2011. The GL550...
  2. T

    C63s Delivery date moved again.

    Hi All Ordered a c63s for a delivery on the 1st of September. Paid a deposit at the end of March for a delivery on the 1st day of the new reg.(giving them 5 months to manufacturer) Been told today that they still don't have a confirmed factory date and in fact it definitely will not be the...
  3. FateSynchro

    Just moved over to Mercedes E63 from RS6/GTR

    Hey, So after owning a nice RS6 V10 and the moving that on for a Nissan GTR both over 700bhp I decided that after 3 months the GTR was boring and expensive to go places with, i also didnt enjoy driving it day to day... but thats a load of detail for another day. So i am now the Proud owner...
  4. JimGreen

    I've moved......... and bought another C63

    Well, after leaving Yorkshire at the tender age of 17 to join the Royal Navy and then settling in Portsmouth after leaving the navy, time flew by and I ended up remaining in Portsmouth for a total of forty years. Deciding it was time for a move back north and seeing how much more I could get...
  5. gr1nch

    Moved house to get a bigger/better garage for your car?

    And I don't mean staying put and building one which I guess is much more common. I'm seriously having trouble finding a place with a garage wide enough to take an S-class. So it's a move for sure, thus "garage" is my #1 search keyword on Zoopla as well as prefixes like large, wide - but not...
  6. Palfrem

    Scratches on paintwork - T-Cut or have things moved on?

    The tops of the wings on my G and the bonnet have quite a few scratches that could do with being polished out. I suspect good old T-Cut is passe now, so any recommendations on a good compound to use by hand (I don't have a machine) on black paintwork please? Thanks
  7. SteveFromAvantgarde

    Avantgarde Automotive Has Moved

    Hi Everyone, REMOVED Regards Steve
  8. Rctaylor1966

    Moved from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3 Mini on W246 Audio 20 and SMS notification works

    Ell my iPhone 4s finally died and I decided to go down the Android route I was pleasantly surprised to find the car links in via Bluetooth to the phone and it all works first time i.e. Phone, Contacts, SMS and Music Streaming Seems the issue was with iPhone after all. :-)
  9. GavinP

    2005 320 CDi E Class estate tailgate seems to have moved

    Just noticed near side is not sitting as close / tight in to the rear pillar as the offside near top edge of glass. Just had a paint repair around underside of tailgate release + new grab handle which meant internal trim removed / refitted. Tailgate panel that carries badge is flush with...
  10. effbee584

    Moved on to a Jaguar

    After 8 consecutive Mercedes over the past 16 years, I have swapped my 2007 CLS320cdi for a 3.0 Deisel S Premium Luxury XF, its a one year old ex management car with 9000 miles. I went looking at 1 to 2yr old E350cdi coupes or saloons, perhaps a newer CLS 350cdi but after seeing the XF and doing...
  11. T

    Have moved to the "Dark Side"

    Hi All, My car was looking a bit too 'mild', I needed something to 'darken' her!! Got the wheels done at Mint Alloys, in Silsoe. They done a top job, wheels are now a perfect finish, in Gloss Black. I think I am going to continue to 'blacken' parts of the car, nothing major, just odd...
  12. D

    The earth moved...

    Quite remarkable what mother earth can do when so inclined.... BBC News - South Yorkshire landslip rail line closed for weeks
  13. Koolvin

    MBClub is moving - NOW MOVED!

    Just a quick note to say finally I have procured a new server hosting deal. ETA of moving over would hopefully be completed over the next few weeks. We will have minor issues but more updates as and when they are available. A very big thank you to (Maff) Matthew from UK Dedicated Servers and...
  14. ioweddie

    Hi All, I've moved over from a BMW to a c220cdi sports plus

    Hi all, after having a BMW for 10 years, I've ordered an amg sport plus saloon and it should be here friday, just introducing myself as I'm bound to have a need for your in depth knowledge. I'm on the Isle of Wight, any one else on the Island? Please be gentle with me as I had the beemer for 10...
  15. W

    Moved to Merc from BMW

    For me its about the combination of power and 40mpg. Changed my 2005 530d for a 2012 c350 CDI.
  16. F

    Recommendations for a Car Insurance broker (Moved to the UK from Oz and need help)

    Good morning forumers, My family has just moved to the UK from Australia and like a kid in a toy shop, I am gagging to buy an AMG or M5. I started calling insurance companies yesterday and was disappointed to be told that they would not insure me for such high performance cars until l held...
  17. Godot

    Class cars have moved !!

    CLASS CARS have MOVED to the sublime & delightful setting of Steve's Home New Address & Telephone Number: Goss Hall CT3 2AN Bing Map/Birds Eye View of Goss Hall - Ash - Kent - England | British Listed Buildings 01304 813509 Same Excellent Service & with the beautiful weather of...
  18. Burger

    Have all the c*cks moved to MB?

    I went out on the roads this morning - quite a rarity with working from home. I drove about 20 miles along the M20, roof down and sitting at a steady 70/75mph. It wasn't busy at all and there were no hold ups but almost without exception the aggressive, get outa my way, ton up outside lane hogs...
  19. M

    New Member: Moved over from BMW

    Hello, Just bought my first Mercedes, moved over from BMW. Late 2002, W211 E270 CDI in Silver, Auto, Panoramic roof and all the other toys that go with it (I don't think a box was left unticked on the options list!) and I live in the Newbury/Reading area. I bought the car with some faults...
  20. C

    W210 Estate Geometry (Moved)

    W210 Estate geometry I am currently in MB Birmingham having my E320 CDI Avantgarde estate geometry being done again! This stems from the car shredding the front nearside tyre on the inside shoulder on what was otherwise a good tyre having covered 16000 miles since the end of January. The rear...
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