1. W

    new car engine movement

    Hi, I have a mercedes for first time. C class 220d. The car seems to idle rough to me, I performed engine mount test in drive and reverse with brakes on. The engine rose about 1 1/2 to 2 inches both sides. It is only just under 3 year old and 20k. Sounds rough when accelerating too. I have...
  2. magentalic

    steering wheel movement

    my steering wheel does not move up and down,it moves back and forth ok (electric) any one know the problem?
  3. magentalic

    steering wheel movement

    my steering wheel does not move up and down,it moves back and forth ok (electric) any one know of an easy fix ?
  4. M

    Mirrors, Windows No Movement!

    I have a V plate (2000) E320 CDI (W210 Model) and the mirrors fold out and fold back in fine but they won't adjust and all four windows have decided to refuse to open and close. They are in the closed position at present. There is no sunroof on my car. Another thing I 've noticed is that the...
  5. D

    Please help Passenger seat movement problem

    Hi was wondering if anyone could help me i have a 2010 e350 sport coupe the passenger seat moves forwards on one side and jams into centre console i have removed the seat and can see a possible problem with the square coil type thread that goes into the motor under the seat. Merc want 900 for a...
  6. P

    Clunking noise front passager wheel also movement when rocking front wheels?

    Hi Folks, I have been doing some research but still baffled with the issue I am experiencing. Car = W211 e-class e280 estate (2008) When I go over small bumps I hear a rattle down by the passenger front wheel area. I thought it may be a ball joint so purchase a ball joint removal tool and front...
  7. BillyW124

    1999 SL R129 odd seat movement

    Has anyone noticed that the seats tilt forward electically when the release handle is pulled when the doors are shut? I find this odd as this brings no use nor makes sense. It would make sense if the electric movement is applied when the doors are open? Instead i can tilt the seats forward...
  8. dog

    Hood movement R129

    The hood on the merc r219 (i am just curious) if is ok or not. When opening the hard top hood or soft it make a loud bang from the latches above the wind screen when unlocking. Which has been greased. When closing the soft top above 6 to 7 inches from the windscreen it drops heavy onto the top...
  9. SPX

    For Sale: Rolex Daytona Bi-Metal (Zenith Movement)

    My (early) year 2000 P-Series Rolex Daytona (Zenith Movement) Bi-Metal for sale, includes box and papers. Condition is 9.5/10 for the year. The Daytona is the pinnacle of Rolex Sports watches in my opinion, a truly stunning piece. Might take a cheaper watch (Rolex, Omega, Panerai...
  10. celicajames

    w211 panel gap light movement?

    Hi I have just purchased a e320 estate that I'm very pleased with, so far I've fixed the load cover and the SRS warning light (OK so the rest seat wasn't latched properly but I'm still counting it as a fix). The only niggle I have left is that there is a bigger gap at the top of the n/s light...
  11. Halcyon Days

    C209 seat movement

    in a CLK Convertible, when you tip the seat forward to let a passenger get into the back, should the whole seat (base included) move forward electrically? The headrest goes down, which seems a little pointless, but is that it? thank you :o
  12. Beefy84

    C63 delivery date movement

    My new C63 was supposed to hit our shores sometime around 5th Nov. Found out today the car has already been built and will be reaching the Mercedes dealership on 26th Sept!!! Quite a significant change in timescale! The dealer said they have seen dates change but never by this was...
  13. M

    E200, 2001, w210 - rear car movement

    When changing lanes in the above car there is a shifting feeling at the back - no clunking or unusual sounds but a definite sideways wobble that goes once car back on straight line. Drives perfect otherwise. No problem evident turning corners. Doesnt appear to be speed related either. Any ideas...
  14. M

    Parking Brake Movement Question

    My E350 is my first MB. I have driven a number in the past but never enough to get a feel for things. Any way, in my old car I would put the handbrake on hard and the car wouldn't move one little bit. In the E350, I park up and put it in park before depressing the parking brake as far as...
  15. R

    Steering Wheel Movement

    Should I have a telescopic steering wheel in my 2000(x) CLK55 AMG? It has the pull out thing under the steering wheel but I can't see any light on dash and it doesn't move? Please respond asap (Oh, I checked the vin and it doesn't say it has one?)
  16. A

    Engine movement

    When selecting D or R how much should the engine move on the mounts? [ A160, Year 2000]. Still attempting to cure a knock/click on pullaway and on overrun. Thanks, Chris
  17. G11DOM

    Wing mirror movement when in reverse

    My passenger side wing mirror moves automaticaly when I select reverse and points downwards at the rear wheel to avoid the kurbs with my alloys. Although I think this is a nice touch it does not reset itself again when you select drive. Is there a way of setting the mirror up to move back to...
  18. saorbust

    Vehicle Movement Database Did someone say Gatso's obsolete ? Consequences too huge to consider.
  19. P

    Electric - Mirror movement

    The near side mirror on my W210 - E-class, adjusts up - down and out, but won't adjust inwards...?????? What should I look for and where, would I need to remove (in part) the mirror housing (and how?). Cheers Paul
  20. Z

    Engine movement????

    Hello Everybody, I have a quick question, sorry if it has been asked before. When a car (namely mine, 2002 C200 Coupe) is in Neutral with the handbrake on and the engine is revved, is it normal for: a) me to feel the car shake when sitting inside it? b) with the bonnet open, to see...
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