1. gigdesigns

    9G Auto Gearbox stays in 2nd gear when moving slowly

    I have a W205 with a 9-speed auto gearbox. One real niggle I've noticed is when I am crawling along very slowly, say up to a junction, the gearbox will stay in 2nd gear, even when I am doing 1mph. When I get to the junction and then decide to accelerate, I'll start to move forward but then it...
  2. A

    Fans running but no air moving

    I've got a 2006 R320. While driving on a long journey over the weekend the ac seemed to stop moving air out of any of the vents. The fans could still be heard and a very small amount of air was coming out. I've read about some flaps that get stuck? Where are they on the R class and is it a case...
  3. grober

    Moving House Antarctic Style

    Large cracks in the Brunt Ice Shelf have required the British Antarctic Survey Base to Re-locate their Halley VI base. UK completes Antarctic Halley base relocation - BBC News Some video [YOUTUBE HD]VaY75zYLyFk[/YOUTUBE HD] building it 9HVfHplY0Zc
  4. erdnase

    Best way to secure items in car boot from moving about

    Been looking for a good way secure items in the car boot and stop them moving about. I do have a hook at the each side for a small shopping bag but need something extra when i want to put in more in, nothing huge really but just save things rolling around.
  5. SmartMAC

    Moving abroad for a couple of years. Storing the car

    We are thinking to move to Dubai for a couple of years for a change. We don't intend to rent the house or sell the Merc until we know what we are doing long term but as I don't have a garage I don't know what to do with the car. I really don't want to sell it but I can't just leave it outside...
  6. Markjames

    Moving motor show

    Of to the moving motor show again on Thursday. Anyone else going?
  7. L

    Car not moving in drive and reverse position

    I've a 2003 c180 kompressor,car revs kept going up without any movement.Checked the transmission oil and found it to be milky.changed the radiator and the oil but car still does not move in drive position.Checked codes and found incorrect gear ratio and input speed fault.Any help. Sent from my...
  8. baxlin

    Moving on.....

    Well, the lease is up on the C220, thoroughly enjoyed it, the most frugal car I've ever had! But the iPad blu-tacked to the dashboard on the new C Class was an absolute no-no, a deffo deal breaker. Who designed that? Also the lease terms weren't overly attractive either, although I was...
  9. markmifsud

    Hackers take control of a moving car

    I work in IT so I see ethical hacking as a good thing and often do it myself. Sometimes the only way to know your secure it to try and break in. But, what these hackers achieved is quite worrying. Unsure how Chrysler got away with not doing a recall. Hackers Show They Can Take Control of...
  10. Incredible vito

    moving next sat and van needs transporting

    hi there i say I'm in south wales well not till sat next week i have a big problem tho as my Vito threw a leg out of bed and i can not afford an engine yet im currently in Bury Lancashire and so is my van i need to get it to Pendine in south wales in the next week is anyone able to help i...
  11. Markjames

    moving motor show discount tickets
  12. pcthrillrider

    clk 200 2005 moving about

    hi all when I hit a bump the car seems to move side to side not a nice feeling at 70mph! it seems to be from the rear of car, when I go over sleeping old bill the left suspension makes a noise like a creak any idea's?
  13. Laters

    Moving on the pastures new (Honda CRV)

    After 9 years of ownership of my C250td its finally time to say goodbye to the Mercedes. In the 9 years its been a superb car, hasn't let me down, has been cheap to run and has done everything asked of it. I never planned to keep it this long originally but somehow I could never find anything...
  14. M

    manual seat not moving forward

    Hi only had my mercedes c180 coupe 02 plate to days and the drivers seat has stopped working it will wind backwards but not forward s .has any one had the same problem .or know how to repair
  15. M

    Electric seat not moving backwards

    Hi guys, as per title, my drivers seat won't move backwards. When I picked the car up at the weekend it moved back 3 inches or so and then stopped dead. It wouldn't move forward or backward from then. T Today I removed the seat base and tried tapping the motor but this had no effect. I...
  16. moggymog

    Moving over to the dark side????

    My current lease is up for renewal in a few months and I was looking at replacing it with an E350 Bluetec Estate but I've had a pretty decent quote for a BMW 535D M Sport Touring. Has anyone had any experience with this model? Pro & Cons over the E class Should I do it?? I've been very...
  17. T

    Use of DVD while moving

    I have now got my command centre fully functional, I want to access the menu to disable the 'while in motion blanked out' on the DVD , model of the car w215 year 2005. I have seen several ways to get into the system, but it seems that with each model it's different way to get in. Any body...
  18. R

    Moving to the dark side...!!

    Hi all, I've been driving for around 20 years and have always had BMWs from my first car to the last one, but I am about to take the plunge and buy a Mercedes (CLS 320CDi) for the first forgive my ignorance on MB-related issues!! Cheers
  19. C

    Everything Keeps Moving !!!!

    When I get out of my car (CLK500-2005) my seat position, steering wheel and wing mirror position changes. This happens even if I leave the car for a couple of hours and come back, everythings changed. The mirrors point down to the rear wheels? So I get in move it all back to where is was and...
  20. The _Don

    C43 amg moving at a snails pace

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