1. Jukie

    MPEG repair tool

    Can anyone recommend a free MPEG repair utility? I've an MPEG video file that won't play in anything (Winamp, Real Player, Media Player, etc.) and I'd like to try and fix it. TIA, David.
  2. Gucci

    How do you convert .MOD files to .AVI or .MPEG on a Mac?

    As the title suggests, I have a Panasonic Digital Camcorder. Nifty little thing, but outputs .MOD files. I've searched online, but not getting the right result. A few suggest simply renaming the file to MPEG - which didn't work. I also downloaded a converter on free trial - app wouldn't open...
  3. Gucci

    Converting .MOD files into AVI or MPEG on a Mac

    I have a tidy little Panasonic SDR-S50 Camcorder, but it outputs .MOD files. My Mac isn't impressed. I've seen some third party software that promises to convert the files, but they all look a bit 'toilet'. Is there an easy solution, or recommended piece of conversion software out there...
  4. P

    Mercedes factory TV tuners: MPEG 4 compatibility

    As far as I know most mercedes digital TV tuners are only MPEG 2 compatible. Are there any mercedes digital tv tuners that are MPEG 4 compatible? If yes, please provide part numbers. Thank you.
  5. R

    Mpeg 4v editing???

    My son has bought a Samsung F30 camcorder which records mpeg4 onto SD cards (and pretty well as well!) however, the software Samsung supply for editing is slow and not much cop and my lad's Ulead 10plus which is supposed to edit mpeg4 doesn't. What do other people use? Any help welcome!
  6. D

    No MPEG header found

    Hi guys, anyone know why all of a sudden my laptop has started to lose the Mpeg header from the first 18 tracks that I save to a dvd? Using Nero I back-up my 3.7gb music files to a dvd+rw but when I try to play them back from the dvd using either winamp or media player they report, "no...
  7. GrahamC230K

    Mercedes MPEG - F1 vs E55 vs A160

    Don't know if you guys have seen this one. Vid Link Right Click, Save As. It's a McLaren F1 car vs. A160 and an E55 around a F1 circuit. Road cars obviously have a head start! Low res, but then it's only 7MB PS. I grabbed off of Kazaa, so have hosted on my webspace. Hope...
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