1. Fozzer

    from mr2 roadster to slk230

    Hi to all on this forum. moved as getting old and needed something more comfy but with at least as much oomph. also auto for my siatic leg. had the slk 2 weeks and certainly got what i wanted, cant wait for summer

    Message for MangoMan - MR2 for sale.

    Hi MangoMan. I cannot reply to your thread for some reason regarding your MR2 for sale. I am looking for a runabout and may be interested in your MR2. Can you PM me please? I cannot PM you for some reason either. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. :(
  3. MangoMan

    Mr2 1994 mkii auto £650.00

    Hi there. I'm selling my MR2, it's a 1994 MKII REV III 2.0lt. Auto. Metalic Green, Sony CD/Radio, Electric Aerial, Electric Windows, Retracting Mirrors, A-Con, Approx 68,000 miles, MOT until Sept 2012 and Tax until April 2012, Remote Central Locking, All Standard un-molested example. Good...
  4. MangoMan

    MR2 MKII Auto.

    Well, I really wanted to keep this but have realised that I'm not going to get a descent Mercedes for my current budget so it has to go to enable me to get what I want. Info: 1994 (L) Imported Toyota MR2 MK II 2.0 Automatic. 'T' Top. 57,000 Miles. TAX and MOT expire end of November...
  5. 5

    1998 MR2 GT REV 4 Damaged

    Will be going on eBay tonight... Toyota MR2 Revision 4 T-Bar with Black Leather Sustained drivers-side accident both front and rear. Very easy fix if you have the knowledge. I have bought another car so this one has been sitting around for around 3 months. NO TAX! NO MOT (expired 5th...
  6. Swiss Toni

    MINT Mk1 Toyota MR2 - 27k miles FTSH!

    Toyota MR2 Mk1 T-Bar in Red. 3 Owners, 27000miles with full Toyota Service History (last serviced 2 months ago by my local Toyota manin dealer). MOT and Tax until April (last MOT had no advisory notes). Cloth interior (I have had 3 Mk1s and the cloth wears much better than the leather and...
  7. 5

    Toyota MR2 GT T-Bar

    Recently replaced my 95' E36 316i BMW with this beast: Totally original vehicle, bright red with black leather and the T-bar. Looking for this spec everywhere and once I found it, went out there and bought it. Full Toyota SH with all parts replaced. I just gave her a service and all I need to...
  8. Swiss Toni

    La Roux - Retro 80's Mk1 MR2 Movin' on up the hit parade. Apparently :thumb:
  9. shorty

    Breaking a MR2

    Well we bought an other MR2 , going to pick her up tomorrow . We are going to part out the one my wife has at the moment , if any one in here is looking for parts for a 91 rev 1 MR2 2 litre T bar give me a PM . Cheers
  10. Swiss Toni

    Toyota MR2 Mk1b

    Afternoon 26k miles FTSH 3 owner 1988 SuperRed TBar. Not a spot of rust anywhere. :D
  11. Thmsshaun

    Abbos MR2

    Very nice looking motor. That IMO is the best shape Toyota have ever made in the MR2. Fantastic car. What spec. UK or Import Turbo? :devil:
  12. A

    Street legal MR2?

    Street legal?
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Slightly modded MR2

    Check THIS out! "I think its street legal except for this little excessive noise issue, the car is thrust only, it has no reverse..."
  14. Swiss Toni

    Mk1 Toyota MR2

    Just bought one of these - a Mk1 Toyota MR2 T-Bar - What a great little motor! Handles like nothing else (goes 'round corners!!!) and revs to over 7k before the red-line. All for less than £1000. Build quality is good (plastics not so good, but other materials have lasted well). No...
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