1. O

    W246 mud guards

    Hi can anyone help me? I would like to know if I should get mud guards for my W246 as the rear screen gets quite a lot of spray on it, where is the best place to get them? Cheers
  2. S

    W447 MB Mud Flaps - fitting instructions

    Hi all Newbie question as I searched and couldn't find the answer although some peeps seem to have mud flaps fitted. Got some MB mudflaps but there are no instructions with them. Fronts seem an easy fit having offered the up but, the rears not so. Anyone have any guides or guidance or the MB...
  3. F

    Mud flaps

    Afternoon everyone. Is it possible to put mud flaps on a new C Class Amg line? Or would they need a bit of altering to fit around the Amg kit. Or would they just not fit? Or could you get some non MB ones that would do a good job without looking terrible. When you stay out in the sticks it...
  4. shadenfroh

    Want to buy Mud Flaps for facelift CLK W208 coupe.

    Want to buy Mud Flaps for facelift CLK W208 coupe. Dealer can't find them anywhere. My only option is to find a set of used ones. Looking for a complete set in good condition only. Part Numbers: B66528196 and B66528198.
  5. Gary129

    Mud flaps R129

    I know these are like hens teeth, But as anyone got a set of mud flaps for a 1994 R129 or know where I can get some?
  6. D

    Mud Flaps for GLE 350 AMG

    My dealer tells me Mercedes do not make mud flaps to fit the GLE 350 AMG with running boards - has anyone else hit this problem and know where/which 'generic' third party flaps may be suitable? Many thanks, Duncan
  7. T

    Mud Flaps to a E Class W212 2013 (Facelift) with AMG Body Kit

    Fitting Mud Flaps to a E Class W212 2013 (Facelift) with AMG Body Kit. I live and drive predominantly in a rural environment and in winter, with mud and grit on the roads, keeping a car clean and free from gravel rash is a nightmare. I know that mud flaps can be a contentious issue for the...
  8. K

    (Here goes again) (Mud Flaps) for a 2010 E 350 W212

    Still not able to source a set of Mud Flaps for my 2010 E 350 cdi Sport. Mercedes dont do them for what they term as cars trimmed AMG/Sport bodywork. I have been advised that they are available via the WEB but to date had no luck sourcing , so having another bash at enlisting some help to...
  9. K

    Wanted : Sports Grill and Mud Flaps for a 2010 W212 Black

    Good Evening If anyone has either got for sale or can recommend a source for the above I would love to hear from you Regards Neil Aberdeen
  10. K

    Mud Flaps Required

    Good evening , can anyone out there throw any light as to where I can purchase a set of Mud Flaps for my (2010 E 350 CDI Sport) I have been advised that Mercedes stock/supply them , however they apparently don,t look that great. I would be extremely grateful for any input/advice...
  11. K

    2010 E 350 sport Mud Flaps

    Good Evening I recently purchased my first Mercedes , it is a 2010 E 350 C.D.I. Sport I am extremely impressed with all aspects of the car and am very much enjoying every aspect of ownership. Can anyone throw any light re obtaining a set of Mud Flaps for the above. To date I have been...
  12. U

    mud flaps

    hi c250 estate are mud guard thing of past or people still fit them :dk:
  13. J

    Mud flaps for W245 B Class

    Anyone got a picture of some mud flaps fitted to a 2005-2011 W245 B Class?
  14. JasonIFA

    Stuck in the mud! Towing

    Hi all, I had to deal with a bit of off road in the other day and a van was stuck in the mud. It made me think of getting a tow rope and that got me to thinking would I pull from the back reversing or the front pulling etc. Engage the off road button. I have no tow bar so would tying to...
  15. optimusprime

    Info on mud flaps W124

    Hi would any member know of a good place to get a set of mud flaps for the W124 these i have are not very good ,and are little dated now. .Just want to make the car look a little nicer .Thinking on the moulded rubber type .As i am fitting new wings i will want to replace the mud flaps with...
  16. D

    Wanted - W203 Front Mud Flaps

    Hello, I am after a pair of front mud flaps for my 2007 W203 Avantgarde estate. I am based in Kent and can either collect or pay for shipping. I am ideally after a new pair, but will consider used that are in good condition. Regards,
  17. R

    W164 mud flaps

    Good afternoon all. New to mercedes cars, Just got the ML320 edition 10 on monday :rock: and loving it! Iv been looking all day on the net for some mud flaps but im thinking its as rare as rocking horse poo? unless i want to pay mb dealer silly money :eek: Anyone know how to get my hands...
  18. Trickythemerc

    W209 Mud Flaps

    Does any of you have any idea where I might get hold of mud flaps for my 2009 CLK coupe AMG Sport Line. :confused:
  19. M

    front mud flaps for c class

    Hi has anyone got any front mud flaps part number b66528205 for a c class o4 either new or good used ones will do Cheers:thumb:
  20. A

    Mud flaps

    Hi all got a 2010 c class sport thinking of putting a set of mud flaps on my dealer say they dont fit cos I've the body style if any one could give me any ideas please I would be grateful Cheers andy
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