1. U

    C63 Mudflap Issue

    Bought last month a low (18k) mileage standard C63, built Feb 14, registered Oct 14. Since my abode is very rural I really do need mudflaps. So I ordered polar white (colour coded) Hi-Tech, which seemed to have good reviews. I even asked the seller (calibre auto parts direct) to confirm...
  2. Gary129

    R129 Mudflap Help

    There a set of Genuine Hitech Mercedes Benz SL R129 Mudflaps 1989-02 on ebay. Will these fit nicely on my 1994 sl as they had a slight face-lift in 1995-96 but do`nt know if they changed the body stile? Thanks if any one can help.
  3. M

    Bonnet Star Emblem & Rear Mudflap For W211

    My e280 cdi has a flat badge on the bonnet, i dont know if thats normal for the sport but i want to add the upright star emblem, does anyone have one for sale. I also need a rear drivers side mudflap but will buy a pair if thats the only option. :thumb:
  4. S

    W204 Estate Rear Mudflap Fitting Issue

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum despite having owned, maintained and driven a 2000 reg W202 for the last 12 years and 220K miles! I have recently purchased a 2011 plate W204 estate and have a set of genuine Merc mudflaps to fit. The front mudflaps look quite straightforward and come with all...
  5. tcb180

    w2o3 Rear Offside Mudflap Wanted

    I am after the rear drivers side mud flap for my 2003 C220 CDi Does anyone have one kicking about? Appreciate I may have to buy two.
  6. Steve Gaskin

    mudflap clips

    HELP! I'm looking for a set of rear mudflap clips for a w203. Dealers are stupid prices! Thanks.
  7. D

    SLK R170 rear mudflap

    Hi, We have lost a rear mudflap from the SLK. A search for a replacement shows up no results at all. Is mudflap the wrong term? Tried splashguard too but brought up some dodgy rally type things in blue (possibly aimed at the WRX type buyer). Anyone have any suggestions? As an...
  8. L

    C Class SE Mudflap fitting

    Just got my new C Class 2013, Exec SE and bought from dealer the mudflaps. Wanted to fit today, but no instructions. Looks straight forward, but the number of fixings indicates that maybe some drilling is reqd ??? Anyone help ?
  9. twice

    W203 mudflap part numbers

    Hi, I am about to add front and rear mudflaps to our newly purchased 2005 C180K; it is a face-lift, classic model. Could anyone help me to find the correct MB part numbers for these items? Thanks, Attila
  10. N

    190E Rear Right Mudflap

    Hi, I'm looking for a right-hand side rear mudflap for me late model 190E. Below is a picture of what one should look it (its for the left hand side). Does anyone have one they are willing to sell to me? It must be free of rips and tears - particularly around the mounting holes.
  11. SilverSaloon

    WANTED - W124 Drivers side REAR mudflap

    WANTED - W124 Drivers side REAR mudflap PM me if you have one!
  12. SilverSaloon

    w124 estate drivers side rear mudflap

    hi i need a drivers side rear mudflap for w124 estate please pm me if you have anything derek
  13. trapperjohn

    124 Saloon N/S/R Mercedes Mudflap.

    As per title please. Just the nearside rear required. You know the hard rubber compound job with the small Mercedes motif. Second hand more than welcome. Will pay the postage and a pint. Many thanks
  14. Morecambenz

    Mudflap - Singular!

    Mornin' guys, I went out to the car yesterday and found a Mudflap GONE. :doh: So I am now after a Nearside Rear Mudflap for a '95 W124 Estate, if anyone has one hanging around please let me know Cheers
  15. P

    R170 SLK loose front mudflap

    One of my mudflaps has managed to come loose and it is almost literally hanging off. One of the screws has falled out somewhere and it is being held (loosely) in place by two more screws. Would my local MB dealer possess the correct screws for the mudflap? Or should I take one more off and go...
  16. swannymere

    Wanted - W124 rear drivers-side mudflap

    Anyone have a drivers side rear OE mudflap hanging around? Mine seems to have gone walkies:(
  17. bigyin1

    Front offside Mudflap for 96 w124

    As title suggest I am looking for an offside front mudflap for my 96 w124 300d that went AWOL in the recent snow. Any info please pop me a PM, thanks.
  18. D

    Mudflap on Merc W211

    I dont have mudflaps, i was thinking if the mudflaps are any useful. Could everybody please give the advantages/disadvantages. thanks, Digisatman
  19. G

    mudflap clips

    Hi Does anyone know where I can buy the metal P shaped clips and their plastic L shaped retainers used to secure the mudflaps of an SLK ? There are 3 different sizes of clip and 2 sizes of retainers used on the SLK, but MB only supply 1 size of clip (not the one I need) and no retainers as...
  20. F

    W203 Rear Mudflap... Saloon

    Hi, One of the spring clips on the rear mudflap (on the near side) has popped off and been lost :( I have contacted the Stealer via telephone and have tried to get one under warranty (that is just the spring clip) but they did not really want to know and implied that they would want to...
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