1. A

    Mudflaps for W213 Eclass ?

    Evening all, just wondered if anyone has successfully managed to get a set of mudflaps for a W213 Eclass saloon ( AMG Line ) , I'm trying to get a set of the body moulded type but they seem to exclude fitment to the AMG line & Sport models ? ? Any help greatly appreciated :thumb:
  2. S

    W210 99s mudflaps

    Hi,I'm on the lookout for four new if poss mud flaps to fit my e300td just come back from body shop where they removed old Ines but I did like it with the flaps on,cheers.
  3. Travis55


    Evening all, could anyone tell me where I might find a genuine / original set of Mud flaps for a c class W203...? I've had no joy with Main dealers or ebay...
  4. mickeystitch

    Pre facelift w204 mudflaps

    Is anyone with a Pre facelift w204 thinking of purchasing a set of mud flaps ??
  5. S

    Has anyone fitted mudflaps to their c63?

    As above?
  6. D

    CLK 208 mudflaps

    Apparently these are no longer available from the dealer, I only want genuine ones, does anyone know of a source other than eBay? Thanks a lot P.s., non amg version
  7. D

    W203 front mudflaps

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am looking for a pair of front mudflaps for my 2007 Mercedes W203 estate. I am aware that Mercedes dealers can no longer get these in stock so am looking for either new or used mudflaps for this model. I believe the part number should be B66528205...
  8. S

    swr248 mudflaps

    Does any member know who has a set of w201(190e) mud flaps, or if they are still available ?
  9. Yogib

    W205 AMG Line Mudflaps

    Has anyone purchased a set of the W205 AMG Line Mudflaps from UKCarMats? Just ordered a set for £49.99 as the ones I purchased from them for my W204 have served their purpose well for nearly 3 years
  10. BIG_G_1979

    w212 e250cdi blue efficiency sport mudflaps

    Hi guys is anyone aware if you can purchase front and rear mudflaps for my E class which has sport package? All ones I have seen so far do not fit sports thanks Sent from my xperia z3 using MBClub UK
  11. H

    r129 Facelift (98-01) mudflaps x4

    For sale, a set of 4 mudflaps (used) for the later r129 models. These are no longer available and took me many months to find, but now I don't plan to use them. Fittings included (used) Cost £130 delivered.
  12. BIG_G_1979


    Hi guys what do you use on ur mudflaps to get them looking nice, I used black to black but just wondered what's best? I also have autoglym rubber and vinyl to try thanks
  13. ian1676


    Finally got round to removing the mudflaps present when I bought my car - see the picture to the left! I know some argue that that don't affect fuel economy but all four stuck out beyond the wheels. Surely removing the 4 bloody great airbrakes on the side of the car will have some impact on...
  14. F

    w211 mudflaps avantgarde

    Hi there, Im looking a set of mudflaps for a w211 avantgarde but dont want to pay £100 for them, ive tried a few breakers but no avail. Anyone tried the aftermarket ones? Universal etc. Thanks
  15. paulgorringe

    CLK Mudflaps

    Hi Looking for front mudflaps for w209 CLK Part number B6 652 8219 Please anyone? :thumb: Cash waiting :D
  16. R

    C-Class AMG Sport mudflaps

    Has anyone fitted these, and are they of a quality befitting the C-Class? I am wondering if they look good, fit well and stay that way.
  17. ShaunB


    Guys For older cars - i.e. my W209 CLK55, where would be a good place to source these? Cheers
  18. H

    W208 facelift rear mudflaps wanted

    Does anyone have a set of genuine rear mudflaps to fit a 2001 CLK? they dont seem to be available anymore from MB Thanks Dave
  19. bearder2006


    Would like some on my e220 cab but can't seem to find any as mine has amg body kit any ideas
  20. paulgorringe

    CLK front mudflaps

    Hi to you all :thumb: I am looking for some front mudflaps for my 2005 CLK as I am fed up of all the muck up the sides of the car.:mad: Already managed to get a pair of rears and they have solved the muck problem at the back so now desperate to find some front to match Hope someone can...
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