1. AndyKO

    De-cat & Muffler delete W211 270 CDI

    Anyone done the above? or have any of you had custom stainless systems made with the twin tail pipes? I'd love to know from where and see pictures please guys :thumb: for OFF ROAD use of course!
  2. A1EK

    Is muffler delete in the UK allowed and how?

    Hello My rear back exhaust box I notice has a very slight leak at the seam and got me thinking about opening it up and removing the internal mufflers for a better sound as I only have a CLK230 Kompressor but wished I had a deeper roar to my exhaust ! I am in the UK, so does anyone know that if...
  3. F

    May I recommend a muffler delete?

    I've just had one of the final (for now!) stages done to my CLK 500 W209, black series kit, full respray and twinned pipes with quad tips happen, had the muffler deleted and resonator was already removed ages ago, Pipecraft in Basildon (Essex) did the exhaust work Heard and Thought that the...
  4. W

    CLK500 Muffler vs CLK 55 AMG Muffler

    Ive got an opportunity to buy an OEM CLK 55 AMG muffler for £120 then £40 to fit it onto my CLK 500, asside from the obvious visual improvement can I expect to hear any improvement in sound? or are the two mufflers very similar? if the consensus is there will be no real benefit in sound I...
  5. A

    W124 CAT and MUFFLER !

    Hello, I have been successful to buy an H&R cup lowering kit and 15" toliman wheels! :rock: Thanks to all the members who have helped!:thumb::thumb::thumb: However, I failed to find some exhaust parts for my W124 230E. I am currently looking for a performance CAT and a muffler. While...
  6. M

    W126 AMG/Remus muffler

    Long shot I know, but does anyone have a AMG/REmus w126 rear muffler they happen to want to get rid of??
  7. T

    CLK55 muffler in a 230K. Any problems ?

    I have got access to a god condition rear muffler off a CLK55 and looking at the size, I think it'll fit on my 230k. I was wondering thought, seeing that it was meant for a higher exhaust flow of a V8 Kompressor, would the flow be too great for my puny 4 cylinder supercharged ? What would be...
  8. D


    Hii, I own my 1991 w124 300D estate for 5 years. The muffler (rear end) is still the factory fitted original one. There are just a few small holes due to corrodion. Other than that no problem externally. Does it need to be replaced? May it be blocked internally? Does it affect performance...
  9. R

    muffler for C 180

    muffler for W202 C 180 i'm thinking to put muffler on my car .. any suggestions?? magnaflow any good??? i'm in australia by the way .. anyone from aussie can source me a good place for mufflers??? cheers
  10. Fudger

    Remus rear muffler

    Guys, I would like to get a new rear section fitted on my CLK430 for two reasons. Firstly, I want a twin pipe and secondly, I want to improve the sound over the stock exhaust. I have have had a good look around at Kleemann, Supersprint, Brabus etc but I think the Remus twin pipe muffler might...
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