1. D

    Multi fuel stoves

    Looking for a good retailer. The kitchen/utility room knock through and refurb is coming to an end and we are looking for a log burner for the new dining area. We have a Dunsley Highlander in the sitting room but are looking for something a bit more contemporary this time, not bothered...
  2. B

    Cla 45 amg multi spoke light black

    Hi I am looking for a full set of 19" AMG light alloys in black? I was wondering if any one on here has a set for sale or if anyone works for Mercedes and could get me a discount :)
  3. MD5

    Multi CD changer 08 R230

    The multi cd changer isn't working in my car, and I've checked the EPC, where it's listed as item 166, but saying the item no. is not valid for this model description. Can anyone help with a part no. please, or they are universal?
  4. adrianlobont

    Multi contour seats suddenly not working

    Hi all, Yesterday while I was driving to work I realised that both front seats not inflate or deflate. Please if you guys have any ideas of what can be the problem ?
  5. M

    Multi safer for dash cam installation

    Hi folks, anyone any experience of the multi safer battery voltage protection module for use with a dash cam installation? Or even if they can be purchased easily in this country. They seem to be preferred over the power magic pro. Any installers have any comments to make, either way...
  6. M

    W124 Mushroom heated, memory, multi contour driver seat

    Some parts I intended fitting to my car but haven't got around to and need some space back. 1x Drivers seat for w124 saloon or estate. Mushroom leather, heated, memory and multi contour 1x Brand new switch for the multi contour functions (MB part in box) 1x Wiring harness for the memory...
  7. Kal_c63

    FS: 1x 19" black multi spoke C63 Alloy (Rear), Merc code B 6 6 03 1503

    Genuine C63 AMG Coupe alloy Black/diamond cut I have for sale 1x 19" black multi spoke C63 Alloy (Rear), Merc code B 6 6 03 1503 I had this on my new C63 for 1000 miles before kerbing outer edge. Apart from this the alloy is perfect. I have been quoted £85 for a professional diamond cut...
  8. J

    Any tips for cleaning multi cross spoke alloys?

    My alloys look great but are a pain to clean being multi cross spoke with, count it, roughly 60 gaps that needs inserting to clean per wheel! That's a total of poking some form of brush or cloth covered finger and giving it a good fingering excuse my French, 240 times for all 4 wheels. I...
  9. Lee C63

    C63 cracked multi spoke time for new wheels

    Had the car in for a A service at MB Sunderland and they spotted a cracked alloy on the rear!!!!! They recommended a couple of places for a "weld repair" but stated the MB official line is a new wheel......and to be fair I wouldn't be comfortable knowing I had a repaired alloy on the car...
  10. S

    C63 19" Multi Spoke Diamond Cut

    Anyone got a set? How much do they go for? (Bear in mind I'm poor) Thank you :)
  11. Piff

    Multi car policy

    Just bought replacement car to ready for when the SLK goes back. SLK goes back in April, but the new car was the right model/right deal/etc. so it can sit in the garage for a couple of months. It will probably get a run out every 2 or 3 weeks just to give it some excercise. When it is in use...
  12. MDC250

    Multi fuel chimney flue

    Thinking about overhauling what was a gas 'living flame' fire in my lounge to an open fire. Victorian property so no lining in the chimney and inevitably the mortar in the chimney will be shot so will need to get a flue liner fitted. Ball park what sort of money are we talking to get this type...
  13. K

    W220 S500 Boot CD multi changer

    Hi as title say's I'm after a boot mounted cd unit with magazine for my 2002 S500
  14. I

    Swapping to a 6CD multi player

    I have recently bought a 2012 CDI 220 sport that has a single cd player in it, because my last one had a multiplayer in it I'm thinking of swapping it. I have a few queries over what to do: How do I find out if I can swap it? If so how do I find the part number If I was thinking of getting a...
  15. C

    NTG2: Max tracks on MP3 CD in Multi Player

    Having spent much time selecting and then burning MP3 formatted tracks to CDs for the glove box Multi CD player in the late 2008 W209 CLK, I find the maximum number of MP3 tracks shown in COMAND for each such CD is 99 tracks. Is this a display or a player limitation? - viz although there are...
  16. A

    C63 Amg 19' Black Multi Spoke Wheels & Tyres

    Look at this on eBay: Mercedes C63 Black AMG 19' Multi Spoke Wheels & Tyres IMMACULATE
  17. A

    C63 19' AMG Black Multi Spoke Wheels & Excellent Tyres

    Either look at the eBay listing from below link and good luck or feel free to PM me an offer on here or my email is: [email protected] Mercedes C63 Black AMG 19' Multi Spoke Wheels & Tyres IMMACULATE
  18. W

    Multi function display picture

    Hi All, I have just purchased my first Mercedes got a nearly new e250 coupe and love it. A quick question if I may, on the multi function display when i pull off sometimes there appears a picture of the side of the car with what looks like 2 passengers sitting one from one back with out...
  19. mbzclk

    W209 CLK Orthopaedic / Multi Contour Seat Pump

    The Orthopaedic / Multi-contour seat pump for my CLK only appears to be working intermittently - if anyone has one spare or a breaking one. do let me know! Thanks
  20. zenman63

    Vito 639 steering wheel and multi function air bag

    As above I have a nice black leather wheel and very good air bag with new switch packs fitted. looking for £200 the set plus shipping uk.
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