1. D

    Audio 10 CD headunit (with code) and multichanger

    Hi folks After swapping in a double-din unit with bluetooth, I'm now selling the Audio 10 Alpine CD head unit and CD multichanger that came fitted as standard to my w208. The head unit is in excellent condition and perfect working order, and comes with code. (This is the model, although...
  2. K

    Looking for someone who can repair my multichanger

    Hi Guys, I have a multi changer in a C220 CDI Avantgarde SE in the glovebox that will eject the caddy but will not take a disc into play once re-inserted? The head unit is a Comand APS NTG2 unit and has a single slot for the Nav disc. I am using this to play cd's but would like the changer...
  3. J

    Radio not picking up CD multichanger in the boot

    The radio has stopped picking up the CD multichanger in the boot. Error says it is not finding the CD changer. Changer in the boot loads and unloads ok (tried several times). It is a 2001 CLK 320 with all the original equipment. Any ideas on how to check. Is it most likely to be faulty...
  4. G

    Just bought C Class Sports Coupe - How to play music from the multi-changer?

    I've recently purchased a 2002 C Class Sports Coupe C200 Evo Panorama Model. It's a great car although I've already had an issue with the panoramic sunroof breaking whilst closing. Car can be seen at this link Seymour Pope Cars - Performance and prestige car sales I'm still getting to grips...
  5. P

    W215 CL500 CD multichanger removal

    Hi guys, I think I have a CD which is stuck in my multichanger as the thing refuses to play or change discs. Does anyone know how to remover the whole unit from the boot so my hubby can have a look at removing the stuck disc? Ta, Pammy x
  6. M

    eclass w211 6cd multichanger

    I had my radio Cd upgraded in the car to a comand system and am now selling the CD multichanger which which links to the headunit and goes behind the panel just under the headunit This is fully working and in good condition £75 +P/P
  7. M

    mercedes W211 CD Multichanger

    I have replaced my Audio in my 2004 eclass with a comand unit and have the cd multichanger that fits behind the panel below the audio unit for sale full working order £80 +p/p

    2001 S class CD Multi-changer

    Car is a 2001 "51" model Were they fitted with them or not ? My car doesnt have the TV screen / sat nav system - just the cassette player but has the option for CD on the control unit. Matt
  9. H

    CD Multi-changer

    Hi to all Can any one help with info & product/model numbers on a CD multi-changer for a 51 S320 CDI with command as mine has ceased to work and keeps showing "no magazine" in the consul display, on investigation & removing the unit the labels have become unreadable & very sooty!! the first lead...
  10. Satch

    S211 multichanger motorised cover jammed

    and jammed half open, which is very annoying! Any ideas for quick fixes that do not involve brute force or ignorance?
  11. D

    Easy way of telling if I have wiring for multichanger?

    My facelift W210 is fitted with an Audio 10 which it claims can control a multichanger. None of the documentation tells me where the multichanger is usually fitted and I can't see any obvious mounting points. So my (hopefully trivial) question is, where is the CD changer usually fitted in this...
  12. Donza

    Can anyone in Leeds area fit my multi-changer?

    If so please PM me and we can possibly agree on price. I have all the bits and bats. Cheers
  13. T

    W211 Cd Multichanger I Think I Have One

    Anyone help me with this. recently bought a used e-class. service history shows that a cd changer was fitted last june. However I cannot get the centre console compartment which houses it to open. so as yet not even sure if I have one. Maybe there is a fuse for it somewhere? Any info would be...
  14. Donza

    W211 E-class Multichanger. Baffled!!!!

    Basically i gave my father my money. He went out and bought the E-class lastweek. This weekend i saw it and fell in love. Anyway, i clicked on the centre console and to my surprise it bagan rising. And Lo and behold, behind the fascia was the following. Now the fascia has a cd slot...
  15. skymastor

    W203 Command Unit & Multichanger Question!

    Hi all, After being informed that I can run my Nav CD from a multi-changer connected to my command unit, I purchased one and fitted it. It connected to the D2B fiber and 3 pin plug from the command unit's harness with ease. On power up the multi-changer kicked to life and the command see's it...
  16. R

    cd multichanger

    is it possible to move the cd changer in the glove box in a c270 cdi to the boot and if so is there a lead available
  17. M

    A-Class - CD MultiChanger

    Having just purchased my first Mercedes (and really pleased so far), I've read previous threads on fitting an APS30 to my A-Class, and I'd like to know about the fixing options for a MC3010 CD multi-changer to go with it. Q1. Where does the changer unit go? e.g under the passenger seat or...
  18. Satch

    Retrofitting CD multichanger to W211

    When I ordered the beast failed to notice that the changer was not on the spec. No matter, I would get one retrofitted. Well, after a great deal of pratting around, dealer has finally come back & said yes, they can now source the OEM Becker changer which slides so nicely in & out of the...
  19. Satch

    Retrofit W211 CD multichanger

    My fault. Got it completely round my neck when ordering and thought the multiplayer came as standard. I presume that it fits under the motorised panel in front of the shift lever, so what I want to know is if I can fit an aftermarket unit or if a MB unit is the only option. The stealership...
  20. P

    Mercedes CD Multichanger Query

    Does anyone know if a MC3198 Mercedes CD multichanger is compatible witha D2B equipped Comand unit? What will I need to connect these together - presumable a fibre-optic link and a power cable? Does anyone know of a supplier for the fibre-optic link cable, and a pin-out of the other...
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